USA (Maplewood), May 23, 2007 Review

artist: Three Days Grace date: 05/31/2007 category: live concerts

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Three Days Grace: USA (Maplewood), May 23, 2007
The guitar riffs and drumming sessions could be heard clearly throughout the club.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
USA (Maplewood), May 23, 2007 Reviewed by: Newbs28, on may 31, 2007
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Sound: These guys sound almost like their record live. Adam, the lead singer, sounded excellent through his regular microphone. The only problem I could really see was during the song Pain, he had a distorted mic that made Gontier sound like he was trying out for Dimmu Borgir because it sounded pretty strange. As for guitars, it looked like Barry was using Schecter guitars and I could not tell what Adam or Brad were using. I am not a drummer so also no clue on what Neil was performing with. Overall, Three Days Grace sounded really well. The guitar riffs and drumming sessions could be heard clearly throughout the club. // 9

Perfomance: Since I was part of the audience during their show for the Nutcracker back in December, I was expecting that everyone was going to be going crazy during the songs Riot and I Hate Everything About You. I was right, because before they played Riot, they opened with the first riff of the song and everyone had already started going nuts. Before the last chorus, Adam asked the whole crowd to go even crazier, which it did. I could only describe it as the entire crowd, including the back, was a mosh pit. 01. Animal I Have Become - the opening to this song was awesome. Neil came out and started off the show with the beat of the intro. Then Brad came out and played the the bass line and everyone went nuts. Overall great song and great intro. 02. Riot - like I said above, absolute insanity. One person during the second chorus jumped off of the railing right in front of me. 03. Just Like You - great song on the CD and even better live. During the chorus' everyone was jumping up and down and it was a great song, even though it had to follow Riot. 04. Pearl Jam Cover - I did not catch the name of this song but Adam came out alone and sang the song while playing acoustics. Pretty decent song, a little bit slower than the first three songs. 05. Pain - Adam's voice sounded very weird during the intro and verses, but overall very good Live performance. 06. Scared - by far my favorite song of the show. During the interlude, Adam dropped his guitar and grabbed a giant spotlight, shinning it all around the crowd. The song was based off of the ghost of a little girl and the spotlight would represent, I'm guessing, the band looking in frieght for the ghost. Great song, great energy and huge crowd approval. 07. Never Too Late - this song was very impressive. Right before the first chorus, Ben, the lead singer of Breaking Benjamin, jumped on stage and started sing the chorus. Everyone went crazy and Ben did a very good job singing. 08. Home - great song, even though I could not hear the bass during any of the song. I was to the right side of the stage but I don't think that that would have caused a difference. Very impressive song overall. 09. I Hate Everything About You - for the closing song, this was very well done. The mosh pits got extremely large during the entire song. At the very end of the song, Adam and Barry let their guitars do the whole feedback thing while they threw guitar picks to the crowd. Neil also came out and threw his drum sticks into the crowd. The best moment during the Three Days Grace show for me was during Home. One guy up on the railing was trying to get the crowd around my attention because he wanted to jump off. I noticed him first and told everyone around me to look up. The guy stood on the rail for a few seconds, pumping his fists in the air. Then he dove right into the crowd. We crowd surfed him right up front and it was really awesome. // 10

Overall Impression: The date of the show was May 23rd, 2007. The place, Myth Night Club in Maplewood, MN, USA. Red, Puddle Of Mudd and Breaking Benjamin performed before Three Days Grace, respectively. The show was awesome and definitly my favorite yet. The only thing I did not like was that some of the crowd were constantly trying to get to the front, crushing my friends and I in the process, but what can you do? I paid 42 $ to get in because I got my ticket through Ticket Master. The original price for the show was 32. I would have easily have paid 50 dollars for my ticket though. For unforgettable moments, the mosh pit during Riot and Breaking Benjamins performance of Blow Me Away. I will definetly see every single band besides Puddle Of Mudd again, no offenese, just not that big of a fan. I would recommend anyone Who reads this to go to one of the remaing dates for this tour because you will regret missing it. // 10

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