USA (Merriweather), September 21, 2007 Review

artist: Three Days Grace date: 11/26/2007 category: live concerts

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Three Days Grace: USA (Merriweather), September 21, 2007
Three Days Grace was awesome! Adam Gontier sang very well and his voice cracked on "Animal I Have Become" which they opened with, but it wasn't too bad.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
USA (Merriweather), September 21, 2007 Reviewed by: awsomeguitarguy, on november 26, 2007
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Sound: The sound was perfect, to be more specific. Seether (opening) played great! At the time I didn't really know them but the singing was perfect and there was plenty of distortion to make your ears crack and bleed. Sean used some guitar for every song with a star on it and he used it in different colors and tunings. Breaking Benjamin, again I didn't know them that much at the time cause I was there for TDG, but they were perfect and had a great sound system, Ben sang perfectly! Three Days Grace (main act) was awesome! Adam Gontier sang very well and his voice cracked on "Animal I Have Become" which they opened with, but it wasn't too bad. Les Pauls were mostly used and the sound was great! // 10

Perfomance: Seether, everyone freakin loved them! Sean came out in the beginning and played "Gasoline" and just took off headbanging! Also they had big posters of the little chinese girl and this huge projection onto a screen that said "Seether" like it was written in by the little chinese girl next to it. Heres what they played, I can't remember much but it was something like: Gasoline, Broken, Fake It, Truth, Like Suicide, Remedy (last song). They played more songs than that but I didn't really know them so I can't remember much. Breaking Benjamin, really good, in the middle of the concert Ben threw out waters! They had a projection of the headless guy that's flying or something. Setlist: Diary Of Jane (great song to open up with! I never knew that they would play it first), Dance With The Devil, Breath, Topless, Breakdown, Polyamorous, Shallow Bay, So Cold. Three Days Grace, blew my mind I know the order a lot better. They had these big posters of stickpeople and some were broken. They also projected A stick person with and X or a check or a picture of 3 lines surrounded by a circle on to a screen and the pictures flashed, there were these strips of lights that shined different colors through the screen, it was awesome! Animal I Have Become, this was the opening, best song to open with- really really really awesome. Just Like You, Adam gave a whole speech about this song before they played it, he said "This song is about when someone tells you how to Live your life and you go: f--k you! I'll Live the way I want to!" very good song. I Hate Everything About You, the crowd sang along the whole entire time Pearl Jam acoustic song, I don't know the song but it was slow and acoustic, but very good vocals! Get Out Alive, Scared, Pain, Riot, Never Too Late, Home. // 9

Overall Impression: This was in the US in Columbia MD, at Merriweather post Pavillion September 21st 2007. The openers were Skillet, Seether, and Breaking Benjamin. I loved everything and hated nothing. My dad got these tickets for a lot like $350 for two tickets off ebay but it was sooo worth it cause we were in the middle and the front row above the pit! The most unforgettable moments were either the opening just cause it was the perfect song and adam yelled "what's up Columbia how we doin tonight?" during the bass intro right before the guitar, or it could have been the speech about "Just Like You" or the moshing during "Riot" I would go to their next gig if my dad would buy tickets for it and if they come back. // 10

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