Germany (Nuerburg), June 2, 2006 Review

artist: Tool date: 06/27/2006 category: live concerts

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Tool: Germany (Nuerburg), June 2, 2006
The entire concert was clear as a bell. Maynard didn't miss a note, Danny didn't miss a beat, Justin and Adam were perfect.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Germany (Nuerburg), June 2, 2006 Reviewed by: CoreysMonster, on june 27, 2006
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Sound: The sound was just amazing. The entire set sounded just incredibly crisp and awesome. The drums, bass and guitar just sounded perfect. The entire concert was clear as a bell. Maynard didn't miss a note, Danny didn't miss a beat, Justin and Adam were perfect. // 10

Perfomance: This concert will remain in my memory forever. It was in June of 2006, at around 22:30, when the sun was barely going down. Then, all the lights went out (it was an open-air stage) and there were these really weird sounds coming out of the speakers, and the screens showed swirling colors and stuff. The screens didn't show the band a single time during the show, just either the video to the song or colors and swirling images. It was kinda cool, but then again if you weren't in the front (like me) you didn't see the band. And they were a sight: Maynard was wearing a cowboy hat, his huge sunglasses, tight pants with a belt buckle the size of Iowa, Danny wore a basketball Jersey, Adam the suit he has on the pictures of 10,000 Days, Justin had shorts and a t-shirt and his hair in front of his face. Anyway, these noises kept on coming out of the speakers, and then, as the sun was almost gone, the band, except Maynard, came on stage. Then, right as the sun was gone, they started playing. Maynard came shortly after with the words "Hello, Germans". Heres the setlist (not too sure of the order anymore, should be right): 01. Stinkfist - this is one of my favorite songs, they played it a little different and better than on the CD, amazing. They did a little jam thing in the middle of the song, it was just sweet. 02. The Pot - this was a really interesting song, specially with the talk box solo. 03. 46&2 - this was the second biggest suprise of the show. I hadn't expected them to play such an old song. It was awesome. 04. Jambi - can't say I'm too fond of this song, they played it good, but I don't like it that much. 05. Schism - they started the song out with the intro to "Wings Of Marie" and I was like "Oh no, please not that slow song" because I was too excited for a slow song, but then they started Schism. 06. Right In Two - not much to say. It kicked ass. 07. Sober - this was soooo amazing, it's one of my fav songs, and they played it flawlessly. Right before the song maynard said "Hm, kinda cold out here. But try this, it'll warm things up: give your neighbour a nice reach-around and grab his ass." Couple moments later: "Don't tell me you didn't think about it," I love that guy. 08. Rosetta Stoned - I didn't recognise this song at first, since I always listen to "Lost Keys - Blame Hoffmann" first on the CD. Maynard came out with a megaphone to sing the doubled parts of it and started with the words "Now I'm gonna punish you." Then the band started playing and he kinda just stood there moving like a drunken goose. Anyway, they played, as always, tight as hell and, naturally, you couldn't understand a word Maynard was saying into the megaphone (just like on the CD). 09. Lateralus - I was kinda dissapointed when they started this song. I thought it was going to be their last one, when then hadn't played Aenima yet. I had been longing and waiting for Aenima, and I kinda gave up when they played this. Enough of my problems, tho, this was so awesome. Tight as a rock, hard as a mountain. 10. Vicarious - I was really disapointed at this one. being their new single, I was certain it would be their last song. I sang along as loud as I could. 11. Aenima - I was about to start going when I heard the familiar "hey... hey... hey" of Aenima, and I was never happier in my entire life. Finally, they played this amazing song. Maynard left with the words "Goodbye Germans. Hope you all saw Alice in Chains earlier. They made my year" (Alice In Chains also played that day, bout 5 hours before Tool). // 10

Overall Impression: The show was at Rock Am Ring, so there were lots of bands allready before them (Deftones, Korn, Stone Sour), and I was getting kinda tired. But when Tool came on stage it was like I had slept 15 hours or 10,000 days. I loved everything about the show, there was nothing to hate. It was an event. Since it was for the festival, the tickets costed 135 Euros, but it would have been worth double the price just to see this show. The most unforgettable moment would be the beginning and the last song, when Maynard started with the "hey... hey... hey" of Aenima. Awesome. If I ever get the chance again, I wouldn't hesitate to go to another one of their shows. And neither should you. // 10

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