USA (Kalamazoo), October 18, 2002 Review

artist: Tool date: 05/24/2004 category: live concerts

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Tool: USA (Kalamazoo), October 18, 2002
It was just an excellent show. At the begining there were some girls taking off their tops and flashing people.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
USA (Kalamazoo), October 18, 2002 Reviewed by: no_quarter05, on may 24, 2004
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Sound: I was surprised I didn't see any Tool reviews but anyway: Tool (Maynard James Keenan, Adam Jones, Justin Chancellor, and Danny Carey) was awesome. The sound was decent considering the venue which was Wings Stadium, but it didn't matter becasue the songs they played were out of control. The instruments they played I wasn't too aware of but the Guitarist had a Silverburst Gibson LP(not sure what year) and Mesa Boogie amps, I don't know what kind of bass the bassist had, but he had marshall amps, and the Drummer had a Drum cage that was f-ing huge. Tunings were Dropped D tunings for the most part along with a dropped B tuning on one of their songs. Maynards vocals were on that night, he was really good. // 8

Perfomance: Their setlist was: rank 1 thru 5. The show started out with these 2 giant projector scrrens coming down that dispayed music videos and differnet artwork and images which was just mind blowing. 01. Cold And Ugly - the song was a very good opener. Maynards vocals were very good, the guitar was excellent especially his solo, the bassist was was awesome, the drums were loud and heavy which was tight. it gave a good idea of what to expect - 4.6 02. The Grudge - this song was really cool, a nice beat by the drummer. Started out calm and flowed then broke into a heavy but rythmic rock ballad, very cool. The guitar had some very cool riffs and used this cool envelope filter sound which made the song better. -4.6 03. Stinkfist - this song stood out to me. It began with a really cool feedback solo thing by the guitar and bursted into the song. They also extended the song with this longer bridge which went into some cool guitar, bass, and drum work then exploded into the outro which gave me chills. -5.0 04. H. - this song was alright, I don't really like the song all that much to begin with. Toward the end Maynard changed up the lyrics which made the crowd sing something else and then came in with right lyrics which actually made the song somewhat better. -4.0 05. Schism - this song was really cool. It had a really cool jam session intro thing that led up to the song really nicely. The intro was pretty good, justin actually missed a note. This is one of my Tool favorites and they played it very well from start to finish. -4.7 06. Parabol/parabola - these two song go together. Parabol is a very calm song which was driven by Maynards singing. It then drove into Parabola with Adams guitar work and his solo was just killer. A very heavy and well played song. -5.0 07. Third Eye - if you can believe it they actually played it. Started out with the comedy sketch thing then went into the song. A very odd song mostly feedback noises and intense drumming. An extremly sweet ending for the first half of the concert. -5.0 08. Disposition - this is a very calm relaxing song, and to be honest I almost fell asleep here. 3.7 09. Reflection - Diposition tied into this song with Danny's drumming. Danny just was the highlight of this song. Adam had some cool solo riffs here and there. -5.0 10. Triad - this song was insane. Tool brought out the drummer from the opening band and had HIM on this quad set drum thing which made the tighter than it normally is. It was just completley sweet, the moshers on the floor were just going out of their minds. -5.0 11. Lateralus - This song is just epic, but before the song Maynard gave a speech saying thanks to the drummer from the other band and saying things like "you should go home, curl up on the couch, and have sex. bring someone with you if you wanna make it interesting."(I love that guy) It gave a good intro to the song. The song opened up with a nice guitar riff and then ripped into the chorus. Adams solo in it was really cool, I could feel it. The interlude was really awesome just gave a really good build up to the outro which gave like everybody an oragsm cause of the amazing show whichthey just saw. 5.0 // 10

Overall Impression: USA, Kalamazoo, WINGS Stadium, Friday October 18, 2002. The Tickets were $35.00. The opening band was this sweedish death metal band Meshugah(not sure if I spelled that right). At the begining there were some girls taking off their tops and flashing people, It was also the first time I had somone blowing Marijuana smoke in my face. There is nothing about the show that I hated, it was just an excellent show, Im so glad I got the bootleg for it. Everyone must go see Tool, they have been rated one of the best band ever to see live. Also Tool is going into the studio as I type this to work on their 6th album and you have to catch them the next time they tour. // 10

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