USA (Oakland), September 3, 2006 Review

artist: Tool date: 09/07/2006 category: live concerts

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Tool: USA (Oakland), September 3, 2006
The songs sounded exactly like they did off the albums except for Rosetta Stoned in which Maynard sang a bit too quickly for his band mates.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
USA (Oakland), September 3, 2006 Reviewed by: crazysnake, on september 07, 2006
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Sound: Being a huge Tool fan, this concert was one of the most anticipated moments this year for me. I had spent the day playing riffs from the Lateralus and Anema albums while waiting in anticipation. We reached in time to see opener Isis, which did it's opening job well, but it only added more excitement. We traded seats with some dudes and we were row 15 in the lowest sction, my bro and I could see everything. During the set up, we could see them unfurl Danny's drumsets, yes that is plural as in he has 2 drumsets around him including electronic drums. Adamn used his standard Les Paul, while Justin switched between 4 string and 5 string basses every now and then. The pedal boards were giant with almost everything you could imagine, and there were keyboards next to where Maynard was and where Adam was. The songs sounded exactly like they did off the albums except for Rosetta Stoned in which Maynard sang a bit too quickly for his band mates. The mixing was a bit off during a couple of the parts where Maynard sings more than screams, and the guitar had a bit of extra fuzz which sounded cool instead of impeding the show. // 10

Perfomance: In our section, everyone was going insane. People were singing, headbanging, and plain energized. The floor was a giant sea of fans bouncing up and down, and about 3 moshpits started. Maynard commented on this, "Are you guys playing rugby? Football? Don't worry it's only f--king rock songs." The band started off with the extended verion of Stinkfist. At this time the big screens were not on, but the stage the band was standing on served as a screen as well. Next came The Pot in which the stadium screens finally turned on. Justin missed a note the first time he played the opening riff but it was fine. great song and my dad's fave, but he was dissapointed they played it so early. 3rd was Jambi. Sounded exactly like the CD except adam had a longer talk box solo (at this point I cannot remember exactly what order they played the songs). Next was Forty Six and Two, my bros fave Tool song. Again, sounded just like the album with with a longer bridge, and Danny sounded better live. Next came my mom's fave, Schism. for the first half they played exactly like the album, but then they all went into a 2 minute instremental where they play the bridge very very, very fast. Then they go back into the song and add a bit more to the end. Next came about the first 2 minutes in Intension followed by Right In Two. Not much to say here but dannys tubla part actually felt shorter, and Adam didn't play some of the cooler guitar parts on the song. Soon came Rosetta Stoned. This song featured maynard singign through a megaphone into his mic to create the strange vocal effects. Totally awesome moment. After that was Sober. Adam had a longer "solo" part at the beggining and at the end. During this song they played a longer, looped version of their music video. The last song before the encore was Lateralus. At this point extra lights came up behind the band and crazy lazers spewed everywhere. The song was also slightly extended. The first song of the encore was Vicarious. Sounded just like the album, not much to say here. The last was Anima. Adam and Justin added an extra note to the intro riff, and Maynard's singing and timing was incredible. At the end they threw frisbees and beer into the crowd, hugged each other, and finally went offstage. // 9

Overall Impression: The show that night on September 3rd 2006 at the Oakland Coliseum in oakland in the United States is one I will never forget. Isis the opener was decent, and the show was fully worth the $45 I payed for a ticket. If Tool came again, I would definitely go. // 10

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