UK (London), June 26, 2011 Review

artist: Toto date: 07/11/2011 category: live concerts

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Toto: UK (London), June 26, 2011
Overall a great concert, one small mistake, but a great evening in an extremly HOT Apollo.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
UK (London), June 26, 2011 Reviewed by: geo1450, on july 11, 2011
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Sound: The opening number was "Childs Anthem", the sound quality from the start was crisp and clear and very loud, filling the theatre. Having watched some videos of Joseph Williams singing last year, he seemed to struggle with the high notes in "Pamela" and "Stop Loving You", but I must admit, he was on top form on this night. Steve Lukather had a new MusicMan guitar, and he said its the best sound he's ever made. David Paich and Steve Pocaros Keyboard work was very good, on the whole they were very tight and together. Although I think David Paich had some technical issues in the first part of the concert, some rather loud feedback I think, but this was sorted soon by his keyboard technician. Overall, great sound that filled the theatre. // 9

Perfomance: Having been brought the ticket for my birthday, this was a great concert, ever song was powerful, but I can't say it's perfect, as Steve Pocaro made a mistake in the intro to "Lea" (a song he wrote!) They played songs from right through thier career,opening with: -"Childs Anthem" - very powerful, excellent light show in time with the music -"Til The End" - again full of power -"Afraid Of Love" - very tight -"Lovers In The Night" - good vocals from Paich -"Somewhere Tonight"/"No Woman No Cry" - very smooth, a nice change -"Pamela" - Williams on top form - brilliant outro -"Lea" - small mistake at the begining didn't detract - superb -"Gift Of Faith" - A personnal Favourite - great guitar riff -David Paich solo - amazing keyboard playing, I was mezmerized -"Africa" - great groove from Simon Phillips, good outro -"Human Nature" - Have to admit, Williams sings it better than Michael Jackson -"Rosanna" - Yet again Williams sings it better than Kimball -"Georgy Porgy" - Nathan East loved playing this, you could tell -"Stop Loving You" - so powerful, great outro with unreal Simon Phillips drum solo -"Home Of The Brave" - Best song of the night, great vocals from Paich and Williams, and so tight after coming back in after a long pause -"Encore - "Hold The Line" - Trev Lukather joined them for this, audience on there feet - amazing! The lighting was very clever, always in time with the music, some of the jokes Lukather said were great! One complaint would be the heat, it got so HOT in the Apollo and Joseph Wiliiams wore a coat and scarf! // 9

Overall Impression: Country: UK City: London Arena: HMW Hammersmith Apollo Date: 26th June 2011 Straight from the start it was great, Toto are great musicians, I believe the best in the business, and seeing this concert further my appreciation of them. I thought the ticket prices were very reasonable, around 40 for mine, although I was in the top ring, but still had a great view. Hereing "Home Of The Brave" was amazing, what a song, they played so tight. I would definatly recommend going to a Toto gig, they are great musicians, Lukather's guitar playing is at some points hardly believeable that its possible to play that. Phillips drumming is very complicated, with polyrythmic passage played with ease. And it's great to see Steve Pocaro and Joseph Williams back, with David Paich always at the center of the band with Lukather. Of course we must remember this tour is to support bass player Mike Pocaro, who has ALS, Steve Pocaro said a few words about his brother, which brought a large cheer from the crowd. Overall a great concert, one small mistake (some people wouldn't have noticed if he didn't apologise for it), but a great evening in an extremly HOT Apollo. If they do another gig in the UK - I'll be there. // 10

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