Live At O2 Academy, Newcastle, February 14, 2013 Review

artist: Train date: 02/21/2013 category: live concerts

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Train: Live At O2 Academy, Newcastle, February 14, 2013
UK, Newcastle, O2 Academy, 14/02/2013. Pat is a true performer, which are so few and far between in these days of backing tracks and money driven "music".
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
Live At O2 Academy, Newcastle, February 14, 2013 Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 21, 2013
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Sound: Generally everyone knows a bit about Train, pop-rock at it's best. Even though it isn't my usual genre, after catching them on "MTV Live" I considered them to be a 'must see' and I fully intend to go see them again next time they are in the UK. After the first few songs, Pat did announce that his throat was playing up, which was a shame as he has such a hugely powerful voice (if you are not aware, one of the songs they play live is usually performed without the use of a mic) so he was singing in a different key throughout but this is only a part of their appeal. The main trio of Pat (Vocals), Jimmy (guitar, ukelele) and Scott (drums, percussion) were embellished with a second guitarist/keyboard player, bass player and two back up singers. // 9

Perfomance: In addition to the powerful vocals and catchy tunes, Pat is a true showman, he interacts with the audience throughout the show ensuring that everyone in attendance leaves with a smile. Pat takes the time to get up close and personal with audience members, taking the opportunity to shake hands with the front row while singing "Marry Me" as well as borrowing as many cameras as he can to give quite a unique souvenir... he tries to capture a picture with himself and the camera owner. During the performance of "Mermaid" he asked for a selection of girls/women to join him on stage... about 15 lucky girls got up to help sing the song, get a free t-shirt and again have some fun and photos with the band. 01. Parachute 02. 50 Ways To Say Goodbye 03. If It's Love 04. Calling All Angels 05. Save Me San Francisco 06. Mermaid 07. Marry Me 08. Bruises 09. This'll Be My Year 10. Sure Feels Good At First 11. We Were Made For This 12. California 37 13. Drops Of Jupiter 14. Meet Virginia The only song that I really missed out on was "When I Look To The Sky" but I understand why Pat couldn't sing it with his voice not at 100% kudos to the man for continuing on rather than disappointing thousands of fans. Pat was also signing t-shirts and throwing them to the crowd throughout the show with some pieces of paper with prizes on them also being thrown at the end, totally unnecessary but icing on a very tasty cake. // 9

Overall Impression: UK, Newcastle, O2 Academy, 14/02/2013: I had never heard of the opening act Gin Wigmore and turned down a free CD while waiting in the queue, something that I now regret. Gin is a talented New Zealander whose band is full of energy and talent. The songs were pretty samey and missing some riffs but they were very tight. The drummer looked like he loved every second of the performance and the bassist and guitarists were damn fine too. Gin's voice has a great tone and she is full of onstage presence and vibrance. There was nothing to hate about this gig, you could see a couple of times during the show that Pat wasn't happy with his own performance because of his throat but the way he brings the audience into the show fills out anything that may have been missing. Tickets were 25 which, by today's standards, is a bargain. Pat is a true performer, which are so few and far between in these days of backing tracks and money driven "music". I'll be back to see you Train and I want a fine rendition of "When I Look To The Sky" as my reward. // 10

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