USA (Chicago), October 17, 2006 Review

artist: Trivium date: 10/19/2006 category: live concerts

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Trivium: USA (Chicago), October 17, 2006
They perform a very great set list with non-stop hardcore hard hitting track after track power.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
USA (Chicago), October 17, 2006 Reviewed by: Trivium_Fan13, on october 19, 2006
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Sound: After a long night of waiting to see Trivium, the lights dimmed and it was finally time for the show to begin. With an impressive intro instrumental that was streaming off of an iPod and a great light show, the intensity was building. Fog overtook the stage, and then out came: Travis, Paolo, Corey and finally Matt. Matt's vocals were very amazing as he belted off every word exactly how you hear the songs on all their albums, thankfully because sometimes seening a band live they will sound half as good on their cd's and well they sounded better. The only things that really bugged me were, whoever was running their sound well had Paolo's backing vocals up over Matt and Corey's, and that you would miss the first part of the solo's because their sound guy wasn't really turning it up so to speak. Matt and the gang stuck with their trusty favorite instruments, Matt using the Razorback/ML Dean Models, Corey using all of his custom Razorback V's, and Paolo sticking with the B.C. Rich bass guitars. Overall this was probably the best show I've been too. Everything sounded good and the floor was rattling from that first note. A great vibe in the room. // 9

Perfomance: The crowd and myself enjoyed this show alot, they were very free spirited and fun. After Suffocating Sight we were gifted with a treat, the crowd was so loud we blew the left (right for Travis) mic on his Bass drum, thus negating Matt to start playing Sweet Home Alabama. The whole show we never let up loud as hell till the very last note, and Matt crowned us the loudest crowd on the tour! So here is their set list (I wrote it down as it was happening): 01. Entrance Of The Conflagration - amazing intro song to a show, everyone was singing and the floor crowd was moshing spiradically, and when Matt was supposed to do his whoa's he would point to the crowd and we would do it, in unison. There was soo much emotion in the room it was great! 02. Detonation - we were still rocking from Entrance and they Busted right into Detonation and everyone was horns high in the air with heads banging powerfully. We finally see that Corey and his screaming ability is for real and he can rock it out. They really used their stage prescence for this song. 03. Like Light To Flies - before this Matt and Corey ran back and got their drop D guitars, for Matt the Black ML Dean, and Corey had his Explosion Razorback V. This was the first test of how Matt would handle not being a screamer with their new style and old sound and it didn't sound bad at all. When the line "this tragedy's like light to flies" was sang Matt again allowed the crowd to be the vocalist's and it was a great feeling, definitly one of the best songs of the night. 04. Suffocating Sight - heavy as hell, crazy moshing going on, some guy got dropped on his head while body surfing, and we blew the drum mic as mentioned earlier. A very energetic song. 05. Sweet Home Alabama - yes this really happened they (Matt and Paolo) covered Sweet Home Alabama (well just the chorus) as Corey looked lost. They were fixing the drum mic during this. Very fun everyone was singin it. 06. To The Rats - so Matt gets on the mic and says "this next song is a flash metal tune, if ya don't know it, I wanna see you banging that head, This is To The Rats". And everyone went nuts it was amazing how alive everyone in the Windy City was for Trivium. My vocal chords finally started to go during this song. amazing. 07. Ember To Inferno - matt asked what song we wanted to hear Requium or Ember To Inferno, Ember got the louder pop and so they did it, it was great because Matt only sang the chorus while Corey sang the whole song! So amazing I'm still a bit in shock. 08. Ignition - everyone was chanting every line in the song. I didn't know if Ignition would lack energy when they did it live, but it didn't that was one of the most powerful songs of the night. 09. Unrepentant - a very thrashy and powerful song live everyone was doing their crazy own thing, I was in the balcony and saw a shoe almost flew up and hit me. Good song live, very enjoyable. 10. Dying In Your Arms - a faster thrashier version that they dedicate to all the ladies in the crowd, and the point where my throat felt like it was bleeding, they were just fueling the crown with energy and we were sending it back in higher doses, like the cycle of concert energy. 11. A Gunshot To The Head Of Triepidation - amazing live song, you see and hear about it but to experience the song live gives you appreciation for the return of the Hey! chants in songs, everyone going hey hey hey and throwing their fists up was very awesome. 12. Tread The Floods - Matt tells us that he will make sure that Trivium always comes back to Chicago as long as we are still gonna be loud and rowdy, says this song is new and they don't know how it will go, but let me tell ya went perfect they know what they are doing. 13. Anthem (We Are The Fire) - this song is dedicated to the whole crowd, and all the problems you encounter at your job/school/home wherever and that if you keep to it you can do and be whatever you want to be. Great song (my fav of the night) because everyone even the people Who I don't think knew the words still did the Whoa chant at the middle and the energy was raging, they had one song left? What did they not play yet? 14. Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr - unbelievable, the crowd sang the Pull Harder Strings Martyr, I was wrong this was my fav track all night, such a great band with such great inspiring music. Overall a very great set list with non-stop hardcore hard hitting track after track power. // 10

Overall Impression: USA, Chicago, Metro, October 17th 2006. Sanctity-Great band check them out. Protest The Hero - ok band, they need a new singer (they just try to fuse Fall Out Boy with '80s metal). The Sword - good band, great songs 0 Stage prescence. I loved every second that Trivium and Sanctity were on stage, found myself bored and almost falling asleep during the other bands. Tickets to this show were extremely cheap (18 bucks pre-ordered) but the parking was unreal some Mexican guy who owned a diner charged 15 bucks. Moshes were unreal and unforgetalbe. Yes everytime Trivium is within realistic driving distance I will be going to see them. // 9

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