USA (Boston), May 26, 2008 Review

artist: U2 date: 11/19/2008 category: live concerts

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U2: USA (Boston), May 26, 2008
The sound of a U2 show is very unique. They don't sound like any old fashioned rock and roll band. Bono is always in rare form. Singing in a rock band for over thirty years can do serious damage to his voice.
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USA (Boston), May 26, 2008 Reviewed by: thediscobiscuit, on november 19, 2008
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Sound: The sound of a U2 show is very unique. They don't sound like any old fashioned rock and roll band. Bono is always in rare form. Singing in a rock band for over thirty years can do serious damage to his voice. I was one row from the top of the Boston Garden (the the Fleet Center). The sound was perfect from where I was sitting or standing depending on the song. I could feel each kick from Larry's bass drum. From my seat I couldn't see exactly each piece of equipment but I know that The Edge brought around 21 guitars on the Vertigo tour. I did recognize my two favorites: Edge's '74 Gibson Xplorer and his black Fender Stratoscaster. The quality of sound was perfect. Larry and Adam always set the perfect foundation for Bono and Edge to build off of. // 10

Perfomance: Why go to any concert if you have no intention of liking the band. The audience and I had an absolutey fabulous time. It's hard to put together a set that spans over three decades but the boys put it perfectly together. I had tears in my eyes when Bono spontaneously called for "Out of Control", right after "Until the End of the World". The band was preparing to start "With or Without" which left Edge having to quickly scramble to get the right guitar. U2 may be called the biggest rock band in the world but even the biggest band in world played homage to home bred band Aerosmith with three cover teases. U2 teased favorite songs like Vertigo with Walk This Way, Beautiful Day with Dream On, and Sometimes You can't Make It On Your Own with No Regrets. The Set List: 01.City Of Blinding Lights 02.Vertigo / Walk This Way (tease) 03.Elevation 04.Gloria 05.The Ocean 06.Beautiful Day / Dream On (tease) 07.Miracle Drug 08.Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own / No Regrets (tease) 09.Love And Peace Or Else 10.Sunday Bloody Sunday 11.Bullet The Blue Sky / When Johnny Comes Marching Home (tease) / The Hands That Built America (tease) 12.Running To Stand Still 13.Pride (In The Name Of Love) 14.Where The Streets Have No Name 15.One Encore: 16.The Fly 17.Until The End Of The World 18.Out Of Control 19.With Or Without You 20.All Because Of You 21.Original Of The Species 22.Bad / 40 (tease) I am always reminded of what Larry stated about going to a U2 show during the ZooTV tour. "People are going to a rock and roll show and watching television. It's really cool" With that said, the lights/video displays were cutting edge new technology. The band brought on tour LED light chains that would drop down from the roof rigging. Each LED ball was the size of a tennis ball. It literally was a wall of light and video which could be moved easily. Bono even parted it when he would walk out on the outer parts of the oval shaped stage. The stage rims were lined with color LED strips that synced up to The Music and would chase around and around. // 10

Overall Impression: The United States of America, Boston, Massachusetts, 5-26-2008. The opener for U2 was the unknown band at the time Kings Of Leon. U2 likes to pick up and coming bands to open for them to help the new band get a bigger audience. There is nothing special that I can remember about the Kings Of Leon's performance. Tickets were really reasonable even in the cheap seats. For every one dollar I paid, it felt like the band paid me back two dollars. Nude girls at a U2 show, that would be a first. I can't wait for the next tour which will hopefully be sometime in 2009. // 10

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