USA (Fort Lauderdale), April 10, 2012 Review

artist: Van Halen date: 05/01/2012 category: live concerts

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Van Halen: USA (Fort Lauderdale), April 10, 2012
The show took place on April 10, 2012 at the Bank Atlantic Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in the U.S.A.
 Sound: 7
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.3
USA (Fort Lauderdale), April 10, 2012 Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 01, 2012
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Sound: David Lee Roth can still hit 90% of the notes that he could hit on the old albums. However, the sound guys at the Bank Atlantic Center did a sub-par job of showcasing that. It sounded better through my recording, but at the show, my feel was that his voice came out muddy. Maybe, it was just the fact that we were in an arena built for hockey and it had terrible acoustics that couldn't be avoided? I don't know. All I know is that his voice was muddy. Wolfgang sounded excellent the whole night and he didn't miss a beat. I'm not really a die-hard Van Halen fan, but I thought he definitely was a suitable stand-in for Michael Anthony. Eddie sounded utterly god-like, his supersonic tone surrounded me and just assured me that he is one of the top 5 guitarists ever. I couldn't tell whether this was his regular performance or that this was an exceptionally awesome night. Regardless, this was a rocksperiance I would never forget or run into again. Overall, the sound was poorly mixed with David sounding too low (maybe his own fault) and Alex being at an exceptionally low volume. Eddie's guitar dominated the sound and if I was looking for a more complete experience, I may have been disappointed. Fortunately, I went to hear Eddie and he was amazing. Again, I may just be nitpicking them for infinitesimal mistakes, but at this level, mistakes should be nonexistent. // 7

Perfomance: The setlist was: 01. Unchained 02. Runnin' With The Devil 03. She's The Woman 04. Romeo Delight 05. Tattoo 06. Everybody Wants Some!! 07. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 08. China Town 09. Hear About It Later 10. Oh, Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison cover) 11. Drum Solo 12. You Really Got Me (The Kinks cover) 13. The Trouble with Never 14. Dance the Night Away 15. I'll Wait 16. Hot for Teacher 17. Women In Love 18. Outta Love Again 19. Beautiful Girls 20. Ice Cream Man (John Brim cover) 21. Panama 22. Guitar Solo 23. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 24. Jump The show started with all of the band members opening with a 30 second free time section which, as you can guess, was a ton of random bull**** but it was definitely cool. Roth entered the stage with a shout of, "Let's go! Let's go!" and then Eddie broke into the riff for "Unchained". I'm not going to go into song by song descriptions, especially since the only Van Halen album I own is "The Best Of Both Worlds". For the new songs, "She's The Woman" was okay but the overly repeated chant gets, as you guessed, repetitive. "Tatoo" was a great song. It didn't especially reek of the VH style but it was an awesome hard rock song that I would, for that alone, buy the album for. "The Trouble With Never" was fairly good but the standout new song of the night was "Chinatown" The whole song just blew me away and it will surely become a VH classic. Now, since I only have that one greatest hits album, there were many songs in the setlist that I wasn't familiar with. The songs that really stood out as fantastic, were "Women In Love" and "Ice Cream Man" where David came out with this beautiful Gibson Hummingbird and then he just basically said to skip the intro and to start the song. This just showcased one of the many points in the show where you could tell he was improvising and that you were getting a truly unique show. Other points in the show that highlighted this were in "Hot For Teacher" when David improvised the lyrics to each verse and then heroically failed on the third verse. That song, of course, was the unique highlight of the night when Roth stopped Alex in the middle of his drum intro. He went into a rant about the blowers on the stage and how the stage was becoming a refrigerator and would, "f*** our voices up ... so why don't you mo****f****** blowers stop it and disafu**ingpear!" This can be found here. Another highlight of the night included the part in "Dance The Night Away" where David spoke Spanish to the audience when he talked about the dances of the 3 Spanish speaking audiences on the Sunset Strip, the Tejanos, the guys from Downtown, and the guys that were Mexicano, Cubano, y puertorriqueo. Yet another highlight was at the end of "Jump" when the confetti rained down and David waved a checkered flag across the stage. And did I forget... Oh no! ERUPTION!!! The screen at the back of the stage, usually in black and white, changed to color and Eddie just sat down and served me with a surreal experience of guitar mastery and wizardry. When I looked back at the recording, I realized it wasn't as special as I had thought but at the show it was just so amazing, so cool, these words can't even describe it properly. He may have done the exact same thing on every show of the tour, but this seemed specially catered to us. It just blew me away and it was the first time I ever applauded someone at a rock show. I just sat in a daze that is still ongoing. The performance can be found here. In terms of stage antics, VH just left David to his craft of spinning and dancing, yes dancing, on his wooden floor. Overall, this antic seemed a bit tacky and lacked the spontanuity of the rest of the night. Every few songs, his outfit would change and he brought a wealth of props onstage. The rest of the band didn't really do much, but, then again, I am comparing them to the likes of KISS and AC/DC. In total, the performance aspect of the show was spectacular and Eruption especially made this just not a night worth remembering, but a night embedded in my soul for the rest of my life. // 9

Overall Impression: The show took place on April 10, 2012 at the Bank Atlantic Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in the U.S.A. The opener for VH was Kool And The Gang. I watched their whole performance and they were really cool, pun not intended. I wouldn't pay to see them, but if someone told me that they were doing a free show in town, I would go. The things I loved about the show were the tasteful improvisation and the magic of one Eddie Van Halen, who DLR pronounced after Eruption "still champion of the free world, EDWARD VAN HALEN!" The things that annoyed me at the show were the sound guys, or lack thereof, and VH's use of backing tracks for their songs when needed. I guess I always expected that either Eddie would play the synth parts or that they would bring somebody on tour to do it. It also annoyed me that Alex's drum solo was less a drum solo and more a drum part of a conga song for which he had a backing track. Overall, the show and, most importantly, the experience were well worth the $175 price tag. I would 100% see them again if not for the hefty price tag. It's not that they aren't worth it, it's that $175 is a lot of dough to shell out for one night, regardless of what it's for, even HOT girls. // 9

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