Canada (Toronto), August 12, 2007 Review

artist: Velvet Revolver date: 08/14/2007 category: live concerts

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Velvet Revolver: Canada (Toronto), August 12, 2007
Having all of the amazing solo's Slash pulls sprinkled throughout the show is incredible.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Canada (Toronto), August 12, 2007 Reviewed by: MisguidedAngel, on august 14, 2007
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Sound: I never really gave any thought to the old "things come better with age" saying. However this being the third time seeing Velvet Revolver perform live, they're only ramping up their game. Like a finely aged bottle of whiskey Velvet Revolver is just as strong and still as satisfying as ever with this "Libertad" album tour. The choice of songs for their set list is an interesting combination of hard rock and ballsy licks coupled with the most heart-felt and emotional charged ballads in the bands arsenal. The entire band has really stepped up their game and it really comes across in their live shows, from Slash's over the top solos to Scott Wieland's ever so charismatic gi-rating hips. Some differences in the show came in the form of Slash's handling of several different double guitars for several tracks including "Patience" and the Pink Floyd cover "Wish You Were Here" also in Dave Kushner's surprising solo on the Stone Temple Pilot song "Vasoline". If there was ever a better time to drink in Velvet Revolver live, now is the time to over indulge. // 10

Perfomance: Velvet Revolver has always had an incredible set list and with the release of "Libertad" they've added a new level of emotion to their Live shows. Not so much balls to the wall rock and roll as a blend of rock and melodic ballad's that you can raise your lighter's high for. The performance now involves several cover songs ranging from Guns N' Roses to Pink Floyd. The sound of the audience was deafening when they began to play the Guns N' Roses classic "Patience" a very surprising track that was amazing to hear live. I've never been so impressed with a band live as I was with this show, even without the greatest of seats. Then again it's never really about the seats, it's all about what you came for. Velvet Revolver has always been worth coming out for, and will maintain that lasting appeal for years to come. // 10

Overall Impression: What's not to love about a Velvet Revolver show? If you love your rock music then you knew from word go you would love every bit of what you paid for. Slash has always been an idol to me and once again seeing him live is a threat, in the sense I always want to practice extra when I get home from a show. Having all of the amazing solo's he pulls sprinkled throughout the show is incredible. Scott Wieland's voice has got even more incredible as he nailed every song perfectly, you could swear the cover's Velvet Revolver played that night were just Velvet tunes. For the $80 bucks I paid for tickets I can tell you I'm never disappointed with a Velvet show and will continue to see them every time they pass through Canada. If you've never seen them Live, or have yet to hear the new album "Libertad" just put down your drink, and get out the door! // 10

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