USA (Pittsburgh), July 27, 2006 Review

artist: Warped Tour date: 07/29/2006 category: live concerts

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Warped Tour: USA (Pittsburgh), July 27, 2006
As usual there are about 3 "punk" bands and 2 old school bands mixed in. Although well recieved they almost seem out of place at this "punk concert".
 Sound: 7
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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USA (Pittsburgh), July 27, 2006 Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 29, 2006
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Sound: The sound of this years warped tour was emo/screamo. Almost every band held atleast 3 screaming parts per song. The rest were just regular emo rock. You don't find very much diversity anymore. As usual there are about 3 "punk" bands and 2 old school bands mixed in. Although well recieved they almost seem out of place at this "punk concert". // 7

Perfomance: One thing you are sure to find at the Warped Tour are some great performances. It amazes me that these bands could do the same sets day after day and still give it their all. Some bands are more energetic than others but the fact remains that everyone aims to entertain. From conducting circle pits like Aiden, Less Than Jake, and numerous other bands, to mocking relegion and making jokes i.e. NOFX. // 10

Overall Impression: This warped tour took place and the Post Gazette Pavilion in Pittsburgh, PA on Thursday July 27th, 2006. This is a review of the bands I watched. There are many more bands to see so don't base your Warped feelings on this! Saves The Day - first band of the day and they did pretty well despite that fact. I caught the last 20min of thier set and it was very tight and energetic. They really suprisd me and made me want to listen to them a lot more which is really the whole reason to be on warped tour. Thursday - I stuck around after Saves the Day for 40min so I could be front row for Thursday. Which I was. They came on stage and announced that they recieved the extra time for that day which couldn't have made me happier. They played so well and were just so perfect. They had a great song selection even though they played a lot of new stuff (the extra time took care of that). I loved that they closed with Jet Black New Year, it was clearly their most energetic song and it was so tight. The guitar and singing was dead on. The only thing that took away from them was the fact that they did play new stuff which I didn't know and I hate when I dont know the words to a song and can't sing along. Underoath - again I stayed at the same stage to wait and be front row for Underoath. I slowly saw people of my age group/gender leaving and being replaced with preteen and early teen girls. Thats what I get for being a fan of Underoath I guess. Anyways, yet again front row with a fat bitch and her friend behind me. While waiting This Girl could do nothing but talk about how excited she was and ask me stupid questions. I am not there to make friends I am there to see a band I like. Well Underoath came on 10min early so yet again I was "blessed" with longer sets! Well they played their first song and the fat bitch couldn't take it and had to be taken out! The security guards couldn't lift her it was funny. Underoath played some more 2 new songs mostly off "Their Only Chasing Safety" and it was a decently tight sight marred by someone getting hurt so we litterly had to wait 10min for them to take them out before they could play again. The set was yet again dissapointing. I think I figured out why too. Underoath's sound is based off of the screams. They should be the focal point of the live show too but they arnt. I don't know much about live sound but the mic should be louder so you can clearly hear the singers screams. That's is just my opinion though. Senses Fail - I saw Carmine, Marc, and Spangler who were on their way to go see Senses Fail. Since I had nothing to do until ETID at 4:40 (it was around 2:30) I decided to join them. We were in the way back which I didn't mind since I'm not a big fan. They played all their hits and some new songs. They wern't to bad sounded pretty good. I again am not much of a fan but for them it was a solid set. Aiden - I walked around for a little before heading over to the Hurly stage to wait for whatever band was playing so I could be front row for Every Time I Die. The band that was playing was Aiden. I had heard them on TV and some video game I had. I didn't care for them much really but this set really suprised me. The guitar player broke the head off of his guitar from thrashing around so much and in the process cut his had. He got a new guitar which he promptly bled all over which was pretty sweet. They were very energetic really seemed to love their fans and got them involved. Thier sound wasn't even that terrible. The highlight was the wall of death. I haven't seen very many bands do the wall of death and none of the ones I did really pulled it off. It is usually just the usual moshers running into eachother. Not this time. For those of you who don't know what the wall of death is, it is when the crowd parts into two sides with a large gap inbetween. They then at the start of the music run into eachother Braveheart style and mosh around kicking punching ect. They stopped the music took almost to much time setting up the two sides and started playing. It was hands down the best WOD I've ever seen. Everyone in the crowd did it and it was very intense. They kept moshing after it too. Girls little kids everyone. I still don't really like their music but a good set is a good set. Every Time I Die - again I waited after Aiden to get front row for ETID. Missery Singals were playing on the stage next to Hurley so it gave me something to watch. After what seemed like forever they came on stage. The one guitar player sporting a nice american flag shirt. The opened with Kill The Music which is off their new album. I like this song a lot so it was a very good start. Of course I'm front row center so the entire time I'm 4ft from the lead singer screaming every word. He notices for sure. Next song is Ebolorama. One of my favorite songs by ETID. So of course I'm singing every word. The song comes to the end when the lead singer jumps into the crowd, grabs my head, kisses my forehead, and holds the mic to my face to have me sing the "This is a rock and roll takeover" and "This is passion this is red-handed desire" parts. This was really awesome because if anyone looked at my away message yesterday I had that line in it. The rest of the set was awesome played some great songs. I love this band so much more now because as gay as it sounds I felt like I made a connection with the band. I sang every word to every song from the from row and I know they noticed. For me the perfect set. I met up with Will and Mitch after that. We sat around and talked for a little bit before I went to get my ETID I die t*shirt signed by the band. I really excited to meet the band and they were really nice. The Bled - only fitting that my favorite band closed out the day for the second warped tour in a row. I got there early again to be front row. The band Zebrahead was playing on the other stage and they wern't half bad. Besides the point. The Bled came on and opened with Sound of Sulfur. Good song great energy. Next was Dale Earnhearts Seatbelt. Probably my favorite Bled song so I went crazy. Yet again I was front row dead center screaming every word and yet again the band noticed. The rest of the set was great and they played the only two songs I kinda like off their last CD. I really wanted them to pull out Porcelin Hearts but they didn't I requested it to the shurgs but eventually rejection by the band. The closed with Red Wedding. They always close with Red Wedding, not that I mind. The singer jumped into the crowd as usualy for the ending breakdown. I grabbed him and pulled him over to me where he thrust the mic into my face for only fittingly the same part I have gotten to sing into the mic at almost every show I saw them. "You will pay the price close your eyes and die!" Yet again this year I was acknowledged for being front row with a Bled t*shirt on. This year my prize was a drumstick. The bass player walked it up to me. Yes, he didn't throw it he hoped off the stage smacked away the other grabbing hands and gave me the drum stick. What a great set. For the 37$ this was well worth it. I'm sure that if the band selection is this good next year I will be returning. // 10

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