UK (London), June 15, 2005 Review

artist: Weezer date: 06/17/2005 category: live concerts

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Weezer: UK (London), June 15, 2005
When Weezer started their set, the sound was great; Rivers' voice was amazing and the acoustics in the place really suited how powerful it was.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.7
UK (London), June 15, 2005 Reviewed by: rigiddigits, on june 17, 2005
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Sound: The support band did not really do the venue justice, as the female singer's voice, although in tune, rang through the sound system almost too clearly at times, and drowned out the instruments. But when Weezer started their set, the sound was great; Rivers' voice was amazing and the acoustics in the place really suited how powerful it was. More emphasis was placed on the guitars than on the albums, especially his solos and this created an awesome atmosphere. I was standing in about the centre of the audience so I got the benefit of music all around me, as opposed to being too close to the stage. The Academy has a good overall sound system and the technicians seemed to know what kind of sound would fit in with the type of music, I was impressed with the sound compared to that in similar sized venues I've been to. // 8

Perfomance: They played a mixture of new and old songs; the audience response to the older stuff was great and they seemed aware that we wanted to hear more of the old songs. There weren't too many new ones for me as I haven't yet listened to their new album, but enough to encourage me to buy it! I can't remember the order (I was bought pints of Carling by various audience members) but I remember that Rivers' guitar solos were quite often improvised, so the ones everyone knew sometimes had different endings, which was cool. They played My Name Is Jonas which is one of my favourites. At the end they played the Sweater Song, went off stage, came back and played a new song and then Hash Pipe which made everyone happy. The only song I thought was missing was Dope Nose, since this is my favourite. I was disappointed not to hear it but they played all the other songs I was expecting like Buddy Holly, and unsurprisingly Beverly Hills - this was good to hear live although not satisfying on CD. The visuals were quite limited but this wasn't too obvious, as the quality of the music was more important. It was reminiscent of the Green Day show at Hammersmith back in February; a lit up sign with the band's name (or in this case the =w=) came down at the back of the stage about 20 minutes in, and flashed every so often during the set, in time to some of the choruses etc. It wasn't too distracting and suited how well known the band were, and how long they had been around. The only other visual effect was the lighting, again this complemented rather than detracted from the band's performance. The guitarist lifted his guitar up over his head and the show ended in amp noise while the band went offstage. From where I was standing, it seemed that Rivers was wearing a pink cardigan. Right on. // 10

Overall Impression: Brixton Academy (211 Stockwell Road), London, Wednesday June 15. The support was Tegan And Sara, a band with two female lead singers from Canada. I would have preferred it if they were more ska-punk based rather than just pop-rock, as this would have fitted in a bit better with the band we were about to see - not that Weezer are ska but it would have been more fun I think. As it was, their last song wasn't bad with a more upbeat sound and the drummer finally became more confident, but I found their overall performance uninspiring - though people nearer the front were enjoying it so I didnt feel bad for the band! I loved all the old songs and my favourite was Hash Pipe at the end. The ticket cost 26.50 and it was very very nearly worth that price. I enjoyed the gig apart from I was next to a man who yelled so loudly along to some of the songs that it almost drowned out the actual band. He also sang along to the guitar riffs, not cool. I might not go and see them for a second time (if they ever tour again in England) but I'm definitely glad I went this time since it was a nice atmosphere in the venue and the band lived up to expectations. // 8

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