US (Brooklyn), July 16, 2010 Review

artist: Weezer date: 07/20/2010 category: live concerts

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Weezer: US (Brooklyn), July 16, 2010
Rivers is still a very good singer, but for most of the songs he forgot that he was a guitarist at heart.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
US (Brooklyn), July 16, 2010 Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 20, 2010
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Sound: Rivers is still a very good singer, but for most of the songs he forgot that he was a guitarist at heart. He played guitar on maybe 2 of the 21 songs of the night. Scott sung one song, and he was good as well. Pat Wilson the drummer played guitar on many of the songs, leaving their touring drummer to play drums. But it's okay, Pat is amazing on the guitar, even covering Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher" and nailing it to a T. The sound quality is perfect. The bass and guitar were at fantastic levels, and the sound wasn't overpowering, it was the perfect volume. I just wish the vocals were a little louder though. // 9

Perfomance: Rivers seemed rather disconnected tonight. He used many of his tricks from last year's tour, and from bonarroo, i.e. smashing the ukelele, wearing the blonde wig during poker face... But it was still just as effective. I very much enjoyed them, and so did the crowd. Everyone knew every word to every song, including the stuff off of their new album. Here's the setlist, if I remember correctly. 01. Hash Pipe: fantastic way to start out the night. Highlight of the evening. 02. Troublemaker: with everyone chanting along during the chorus, this got the crowd involved 03. Undone (The Sweater Song): this chilled the crowd right out... 04. Surf Wax America: then this got them pumped again. One of the Best songs of the night. 05. Trippin' Down the Freeway: playing an unknown song off of Raditude? A risk for sure. But it went over well. 06. Perfect Situation: everyone sang along during the Oh oh's and during the bridge. Lighters went up. 07. Dope Nose: sang by Scott. Once again, everyone sand during the oh oh's 08. Say It Ain't So: one of the best songs of the night. Of course everyone sang along during this number 09. Island in the Sun: at this point, giant beach balls were being tossed around. Good number 10. Brian's Theme: Brian's a pretty fantastic songwriter. This one was dedicated to his grandmother, that turned 102 that day 11. Can't Stop Partying: surprisingly, this got the crowd pumped up after Brian's theme, even with Rivers' mediocre rapping 12. El Scorcho: hands down, best song of the night. I personally am so happy they played this song. 13. My Name is Jonas: good song to follow up El Scorcho. 14. Beverly Hills: not really a big fan of this song, but it was a lot of fun. Encore: 15. Hot for Teacher (Van Halen cover): this was just Pat Wilson, the drummer for the band, and Josh Freese. Pat played guitar, and Josh played drums while the rest of the band prepared for the rest of the encore. Pat tore this song to shreds, in a good way. He is a fantastic guitarist. 16. Pork and Beans: one of the highlights of the night. More people crowdsurfed during this song then any other. 17. Kids (MGMT cover): fantastic cover that surprisingly many people knew the words to. 18. Poker Face (Lady Gaga cover): this and kids was combined into one song Encore 2: 19. (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To: for this one, Rivers got an audience member to come on stage and sing. This was probably the best received song off of Raditude 20. Buddy Holly: tied with El Scorcho for the best song of the night. Everyone went ballistic for a 3rd encore. Overall, the setlist was perfect. They played a giant set, 21 songs, including all of my favorites. They left out Tired Of Sex, and The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, which was a shame. // 10

Overall Impression: The openers for the gig were AWOLnation and Rival Schools. They were pretty good. AWOL nation is beginning to establish a live presence, and were arguably better then Rival Schools. I loved everything about this show. It was a lot of fun. There were minor things I disliked that I mentioned previously, But overall it was fantastic. The tickets were 55 dollars, but when bought off Ticketmaster, the price was 69 dollars. It was completely worth it either way. Weezer is one of my favorite bands, and aside from a couple quirks, this was a perfect show. // 9

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