USA (Hollywood), October 1, 2006 Review

artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs date: 09/03/2007 category: live concerts

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs: USA (Hollywood), October 1, 2006
Everyone in the crowd had a blast. Cheering, jumping to the beat, throwing up the two-fingered 'Y' sign, everybody was going crazy.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
USA (Hollywood), October 1, 2006 Reviewed by: search49, on september 03, 2007
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Sound: What can be said about Karen O's voice? She's brilliant. She lets the excitement of a live performance show through and screams and yelps more than she does in the studio, but under the circumstances, with the audience stoked too, it's welcome. She was having so much fun she now and again had to suppress a giggle that barely showed through into the lyrics. I'm not a drummer, so I don't know what equipment Brian Chase was using, but he used it very well. Nick Zinner had three guitars--an acoustic, maybe a Martin, an electric, couldn't see quite, maybe a Rickenbacher, and of course his black Strat. The tour guitarist had what looked like a Martin acoustic and a Fender Precision bass. He also used some kind of keyboard, think it's a Korg. There was also someone else playing synth, but I couldn't see him. The sound quality was much better than I was expecting. It was very loud but it wasn't fuzzy. The vocals were almost always clear, the guitars were insanely distorted, but by design. They cleaned up nicely when called upon. The acoustic sound was a little plucky. The drums were driving without being overpowering. Did I stress how awesomely loud it was? // 9

Perfomance: Everyone in the crowd had a blast. Cheering, jumping to the beat, throwing up the two-fingered 'Y' sign, everybody was going crazy. The band also looked like they were enjoying themselves immensely, and that just made the crowd all the happier. Zinner was thrashing his guitar about, Chase's arms were flying like crazy, and O well, she was something else. She'd take a swig of water and spit it out like a geyser, she'd hide behind her costume, jump, run, bend, yell she was frenetic. A cool quirky little moment came when Zinner brought out his camera and took some photos of the crowd. I wonder if we'll be in a book in the future? There wasn't much in the way of stage decoration. The lights were cool, especially when shone on one of the six disco balls, then the shafts of like through the ambiance smoke were awesome. // 10

Overall Impression: The show was held in the Palladium in Hollywood, California, on October 1, 2006. There were two openers, I didn't catch the name of the first one, but it was the band headed by the YYY's tour guitarist. They were very good, sort of White Stripes-meets-Pink Floyd's psychedelia. The other group was Blood Brothers. Didn't care for them too much, two lead singers, both of whom like to screamo-style scream. Nearly everything about the show was amazing. The worst part was the end. They only played about an hour and ten minutes. I was hoping for more, but it was still one of the best 1:10 I've spent. Ever. The tickets themselves were US $32.50, but after all the surcharges ended up $45, more or less. $13 for parking. But the show was worth every penny. The security at the Palladium was pretty tight not a whole lot "objectionable" went on. Nobody allowed on others' shoulders. No moshing permitted. Beer was crazy expensive. California prohibits smoking indoors in public buildings, so none of that. But the performances alone were phenomenal and more than enough to make you forget that. Absolutely will I go again. YYYs are my favorite band in existence today but even if they weren't, the show was so much fun I'd go again. It's just a great time. My ears felt like they were stuffed with cotton when the show was over. But that's a good thing. Everything about this show was a good thing. Go see this band. That's all I can say. // 10

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