AmpliTube Metal Review

manufacturer: IK Multimedia date: 09/17/2012 category: Others

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Ik Multimedia's Amplitube is a software-based amplifier and effects modeler. With a simple setup using a USB analog/digital converter and a set of headphones, you can convert your personal computer into a virtual guitar amp rig capable of producing a variety of guitar tones.
 Sound: 7.5
 Overall Impression: 8.5
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Features: 9
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overall: 9.3
AmpliTube Metal Reviewed by: UG Team, on september 19, 2008
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Features: IK Multimedia's AmpliTube is a software-based amplifier and effects modeler. With a simple setup using a USB analog/digital converter and a set of headphones, you can convert your personal computer into a virtual guitar amp rig capable of producing a variety of guitar tones. AmpliTube Metal is the newest release from IK Multimedia boasting the following features: - 5 separate modules: Tuner, configurable Stomp pedal board, Amp head, Cabinet + Mic, and Rack Effects. - 14 Rare Stomp Effects Stomp Models - Based on* - BigPig - Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi - Delay - AmpliTube Delay - Distortion - Boss DS-1 Distortion - Distortion Feed - Boss DF-2 Super feedbacker & Distortion - Flanger - Boss BF-2 Flanger - GR-EQ - AmpliTube Graphic EQ - Wharmonator - Digitech Wahmmy WH-1 - Metal Distortion - Boss MT-2 Metal-Zone - Metal Distortion 2 - Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal - Metal Flanger - MXR Flanger 117 - Overdrive - Boss SD-1 Overdrive - Phase Nine - MXR Phase 90 - PROdrive - Pro Co RAT Distortion - WahWah - VoxWah847

- 5 Classic Amps: Preamp Models - Based on* - Metal Clean T - Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier (clean channel) - Metal Lead T - Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier (lead channel) - Metal Lead V - Peavey 5150 100W head - Metal Lead W - Randall Warhead - Vintage Metal Lead - Marshall JMP100 head - 13 Cabinet Models: Speaker Cabinet Models - Based on* - 4x12" Metal F 1 - Fender 4x12 MH 1 - 4x12" Metal F 2 - Fender 4x12 MH 2 - 4x12" Metal T 1 - Mesa/Boogie 4x12" Rectifier 1 - 4x12" Metal T 2 - Mesa/Boogie 4x12 Rectifier 2 - 4x12" Metal T 3 - Mesa/Boogie 4x12" Rectifier 3 - 4x12" Metal V 1 - Peavey 5150 4x12" 1 - 4x12" Metal V 2 - Peavey 5150 4x12" 2 - 4x12" Metal V 3 - Peavey 5150 4x12" 3 - 4x12" Modern M 1 - Marshall 4x12" JCM800 1 - 4x12" Modern M 2 - Marshall 4x12" JCM800 2 - 4x12" Modern M 3 - Marshall 4x12" JCM800 3 - 4x12" Vintage M 1 - Marshall 1960 4x12" 1 - 4x12" Vintage M 2 - Marshall 1960 4x12" - 6 Microphone Models: Microphone Models - Based on*> - Condenser 87 - Neumann U-87 (Cardioid mode) - Condenser 414 - AKG C-414 ULS (Cardioid mode) - Dynamic 20 - Electro-Voice RE-20 - Dynamic 57 - Shure SM-57 - Dynamic 421 - Sennheiser MD-421 - Dynamic 441 - Sennheiser MD-441 (M position) - 2 fully configurable rigs with up to 32 simultaneous effects*Digital tuner - Stand-alone and VST/AU/RTAS plug-in for all popular DAWs - Includes SpeedTrainer for playing along with your favorite recordings *source of above charts and information The above charts are very helpful in the analysis of this program's features. The one minor disappointment was the absence of a chorus stomp box. Perhaps a Small Clone model would have benefited this section. However, the digital chorus in the rack section is adequate. The amount of features may not be as impressive as some other similar programs. However, this is more of a niche program and most of its features are great. // 9

Sound: The above charts taken from the Amplitube Metal instruction manual are more than enough to peak the interest of any rock guitarist or engineer. My expectations for Amplitube Metal were high as I am a big fan of Ik Multimedia's Sampletank. This program did not disappoint. In fact, my expectations were exceeded with the versatility of the program. The name led me to believe all of the presets were going to be saturated with exorbitant amounts of gain and modern. This program can easily achieve a killer Pantera tone (the Metal Lead W amp is modeled after the Randall Warhead popularized by the late great Dimebag Darrell). The modern gain tones are massive, but I was even more impressed by the vintage Van Halen and Black Sabbath sounds. Check out the audio clips! I am more of a vintage tone player, and I found the Vintage Metal Lead (Marshall JMP100) to be highly usable, especially when I ran the Metal Lead V (Peavey 5150) in stereo with it. The sample clip 4 (Old School Riffage) is a good example of the vintage metal tones this program can dish out. The variety of tones I was able to achieve was impressive especially since there are really only 4 amps to choose from. // 9

Reliability & Durability: The creators of AmpliTube Metal did a fantastic job in this department. I was able to install and set up the program on my old iMac in under 15 minutes. Once the program was installed I was only a few more minutes away from tweaking presets and dialing in crushing high gain rhythm tones. Without reading a single word of the instruction manual I was able to figure out all of the major features. The included speed trainer was intuitive and affective, just load in the song and go. Awesome! It also includes a pitch adjuster, which is great for learning songs tuned down a half step without having to downtune your guitar. Another surprisingly intuitive feature is the signal routing menu. There are eight different routing options that allow you to sculpt your tone using two different signal chains with separate amps and cabinets. With just the click of a few buttons and a quick look at the signal routing, you can assemble a monstrous pedal board with two 4x12 cabinets into a refrigerator-sized rack of effects. This function makes it fun and easy to get carried away with overusing features. All of the presets are easily modified and saved for later use. A user with any amp and pedal knowledge at all will have no problems creating their own patches. This program is highly recommended to anyone who may be intimidated by complicated guitar amp modelers. The interface is more intuitive than (for example) a Line 6 Pod or Guitar Rig 3. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall AmpliTube Metal is a very useful program. Guitarists will find it quite easy to achieve a vast array of high gain tones along with some great clean sounds. Engineers will find this program useful for their arsenal of effects as well. The added Speedtrainer and pitch adjuster are nice extras that give this program some bonus points. Many programs and multi-effects units lack desirable stock presets. However, AmpliTube Metal's presets were cleverly dialed in and usable. I can't wait to hear AmpliTube Hendrix! // 9

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overall: 8.3
AmpliTube Metal Reviewed by: v2a2n2g2, on september 17, 2012
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Features: AmpilTube Metal is one of the virtual amplifiers that IK Multimedia has to offer. It has 5 amps, 14 stomp effects, 13 cabs, and 9 rack effects. I find this useful and more easier than miking my stack to record songs. It can cover sounds from prog to absolutely skull-bashing. // 9

Sound: I use a LightSnake (which sounds like absolute vomit with anything thrown at it) to connect my Strat copy (also crap lol) into to my laptop. I tried about a million VST amp modelers before giving this one a try. Everything sounded like grotty p-ss-stained garbage with other modelers, it also sounded bad on this one lol. It sounds a little better but the difference isn't that noticeable. I expected it to sound bad anyways lol. The presets are god-aweful, most of the distortions sound like very cheap fuzz. That could be my LightSnake. I liked the cleans though, they all sound glassy, twangy, and warm. I also thought the stomp and rack effects were really good thrown in with the cleans and distortion. After playing with it for a while, and voila complete awesomeness. I actually discovered some very heavy, crunchy, brutal sounds. I made a ton of really good sounding presets that span from Rush to Meshuggah. I had to EQ the hell out of it and I added some of the pedals with the amp's distortion to get any crunch out of it. There's quite a bit of hiss, but that could've also came from my LightSnake. Good headphones or speakers are highly recommended because the heavy bass will make your speakers fart and squish like an overbloated truck driver. // 6

Reliability & Durability: Well... It's on my computer so I don't have to worry whether it's indestructable or not. I'm guaranteed that it won't break down because it is only software. All I have to worry about is that my laptop does not succumb to evil viruses! That and kids that are trying to steal it to pawn it off for weed money. // 10

Overall Impression: I play lots of different genres of metal and rock. From Rush to Kyuss to Tool to Meshuggah. I also like to play a lot of funk, shoe-gaze, post-rock, blues, "funky blues punk" as I like to call it, and jazz. I've been playing for about 3 years. I also own a Flying V, a Crate half-stack, and a Micro Cube. I love the cool sounds that you could make even though you have tweak it so much that all the presets are rendered useless. I like this alot. Even though it was a complete pain in the ass to get a good sound out of it, I will be using this on all of my recordings. // 8

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