manufacturer: MusicomLab date: 03/14/2014 category: Others

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MusicomLab: EFX MKIII+
All in all the EFX III+ is the best and most versatile looper in the market segment. It definitely is a quality product and should not be compared with the DIY true-bypass loopers sold online.
 Features: 10
 Sound: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Ease of Use: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.6
EFX MKIII+ Reviewed by: blackhawk88, on march 14, 2014
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Price paid: € 550

Purchased from: loopersparadise.com

Features: The looper is a very practical and (in my opinion the greatest reason to get it) small unit. When I was looking for quality loopers I of course stumbled upon everything from the Octaswitch or the loopers from MoenFX but the Musicom Lab EFX was by far the smallest and had the most features. Sadly enough it also was the most expensive. However to this day I do not regret buying this (also since the value on these units does not seem to go down, since they are so rare and hardly anyone wants to sell theirs). You can store up to 60 banks with each 4 presets. The unit has 8 loops separated in 2 groups. The first 4 loops have a seperate output and the second 4 loops have a separate input so you can combine it with the effects loop of you amp and therefore put the delays/reverbs/choruses in the proper spot within the signalchain (after the gainstage in you amp). It has an extra output with no return for a tuner/DI-box so you do not need to waste any of the loops on your tuner. It also has a MIDI-feature with ins and outs so it can communicate with your MIDI devices (Eventide TimeFactor, Strymon Timeline and so on). // 10

Sound: Well if there is none, thats good I guess. And this looper does not affect the tone at all in my opinion. If you loop a lot of pedals and have a second loop that works for your delays/reverbs and therefore goes also trough your amp effects loop, you will get a slight hi-frequency loss due to the cable length. This however has nothing to do with the unit itself, its just the nature of signals going trough long cables. There is also a build in buffer in the III+ version which can be turned on or off. The difference is hardly noticeable, so I just leave it on for the sake of it. // 9

Reliability & Durability: The looper is very well-built. It's metal casing withstands the heaviest duty and is definitely built to last. The pedal should be powered by an isolated powersource or (like I do it) by combining two outputs of my VoodooLab ISO 5. That way it gets enough power for all features. The switches are also very well-built but have a very hard feel to them and click pretty loud and noticeable everytime you step on them. Even after years of use they behave absolutely the same as on the first day, which I guess is also a sign of a quality product. // 10

Ease of Use: Since the looper has a lot of features you would expect it to be very difficult to use or setup. No! This is not the case. Saving, editing patches, tuning or quickly adding an effect/midi-signal/footswitch-signal to an existing patch is very easy and the use is very intuitive. That was actually the most surprising thing about the unit when I got it, since I of course already knew how big it was and what it was capable of (but actually kind of feared a 300-pages manual; luckily I was surprised in a positive way). // 10

Overall Impression: All in all the EFX III+ is the best and most versatile looper in the market segment. Quality of course has it's price and I definitely was hesitant to buy it, since it is built in the far east. It definitely is a quality product and should not be compared with the DIY true-bypass loopers sold online. It's only negative points are the weight (because of the casing) and maybe the still big size compared to normal effects pedals (NOT compared to other loopers though; it is definitely the most compact amongst those). // 9

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