American Stage Cables Review

manufacturer: Planet Waves date: 04/25/2012 category: Others

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The American Stage Cables sound unbelievable. Planet Waves has done it again with an innovative, thoughtful design that treats your tone and gear with the respect that it deserves.
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American Stage Cables Reviewed by: UG Team, on april 25, 2012
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Features: While an instrument cable may not be the sexiest thing in the world, compared to a new guitar or amp, we feel this is one of the more overlooked categories of one's overall tone. Imagine having a high-end guitar, playing through high-end effects and a high-end amp and cab, only to then rely on frayed, old cables, or to use cables that suffer from signal degradation. The cables end up being the weakest link in the chain, and they drag down your tone! Help is here! The fine folks at Planet Waves are known for continually innovating in the field of guitar, bass and general music products, and for constantly trying to push the boundaries of what we like to refer to as "music technology". They've raised the bar once again with the American Stage Cable series. The American Stage Cables are manufactured in the United States (hence their name), and meant to be a premium-quality cable built to handle years on the road or playing at home. The attention to signal quality starts with 22AWG wire and a very precisely-built outer cover and shield, which is designed to be more conducive to an instrument's signal than what's typically used in off-the-shelf cables. Planet Waves refers to this as their "In=Out technology", as in what goes in is what comes out. This is coupled with a custom-designed Neutrik connector on each end with premium solder joints, meant to handle serious abuse and not come apart. Add to this their exclusive Geo-Tip, a new design for the connector tip that's meant to fit more snugly and securely in all pedals, instruments and amps, and you have a serious cable! // 10

Sound: For the purpose of this review, an American Stage 15-foot cable was tested with a Paul Reed Smith Modern Eagle Quatro guitar, plugged directly into a Marshall JVM410C combo amplifier using a variety of tone and gain settings. All tones were tested with both the neck and bridge humbuckers, as well as using split-coil configurations to simulate single-coil pickup tones. // 10

Overall Impression: The American Stage Cables sound unbelievable, and bring player-focused innovation to the fold with the new Geo-Tip connectors, and a flexible yet sturdy build that allows it to bend without getting tangled. They're available in 10-30 foot lengths at present, and are very affordable up against other "premium" cable brands. Planet Waves has done it again with an innovative, thoughtful design that treats your tone and gear with the respect that it deserves. // 10

- Shekhar Dhupelia (c) 2012

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