Lubrikit Review

manufacturer: Planet Waves date: 02/24/2010 category: Others

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Lubrikit, while being a funny-sounding name, is exactly what it sounds like: a lubrication kit.
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 8
 Features: 10
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Lubrikit Reviewed by: UG Team, on february 24, 2010
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Features: Lubrikit, while being a funny-sounding name, is exactly what it sounds like: a lubrication kit. Now, when you're done giggling, remember, this is a GUITAR site. The folks at Planet Waves have added this kit to their stable of handy and helpful upgrades and maintenance tools for the active guitar player. The theory behind Lubrikit is that unnecessary friction is built up at the nut and the bridge. This makes it more difficult to tune, which many players have experienced as that nudge or jump when tuning, where suddenly you turn the tuner just a bit, and then hear a creak and the tuning jumps up quite a bit from where it was. In addition, when a string breaks, it often occurs at the bridge, and can occur at the nut (although I've never had this happen to me). As gigging players now, a string break is one of the more annoying things that can happen while mid-song. The lubrication should reduce friction, and thus reduce stress on a worn string, allowing it to perform longer (stop giggling!). // 10

Sound: Planet Waves does not advertise any potential benefit to your sound or tone from using Lubrikit, and that is accurate; there was no noticeable impact to tone, positive or negative, from using Lubrikit. // 10

Overall Impression: I tested Lubrikit on a Paul Reed Smith SC245 where I have always noticed that creak, or jump, on 2 strings, regardless of the brand of strings, how old or new they are, and whether or not I'm using coated or standard strings. The problem seems to be at the stock nut, which is now 3 years old, and I have never noticed any issues at the bridge, although I have had a string break once after a typical amount of use at the bridge stress point. I performed my test plugged into a Korg Pitchblack tuner pedal, to gauge accuracy of the tuning stability, using .10-.42 strings. While the true test for Lubrikit would be to use it for months or years, to assess whether there is any reduction in string breakage, it is clear upon first use that there is already an improvement to my tuning stability. I applied Lubrikit following the included directions from Planet Waves, and there was no more creak! I tried dropping the offending strings down a half-step, and then up well past where they should normally be tuned (adding stress of my own), and then carefully watched the tuning as I would return the string to standard pitch. The lubricant in the nut was clearly making a difference, as the strings moved very cleanly, and more important, linearly, so there was no unexpected jumps in tuning. Considering the low price for Lubrikit, the tuning stability alone makes it a potentially great tool for the gigging guitar (or bass) player, who needs some confidence in their setup. I'm not 100% convinced yet that this product is actually necessary, or will make any real impact to my setup or guitar playing, but it is a very cheap way to gain additional piece-of-mind. // 8

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