PW-GD-01 Guitar Dock Review

manufacturer: Planet Waves date: 07/23/2014 category: Others

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Planet Waves: PW-GD-01 Guitar Dock
Essentially, this is a portable guitar stand that clamps to tables, desks, or even amps and also fits in your gig bag or guitar case.
 Features: 8
 Sound: 8
 Reliability & Durability: 7
 Ease of Use: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.2
PW-GD-01 Guitar Dock Featured review by: UG Team, on july 23, 2014
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Price paid: $ 24.99

Features: There are occasionally some really simple yet brilliant ideas that come along for the guitarist - to me, I would include the Audix Cab-Grabber, Everly Star Picks, Yamaha THR10, and the Planet Waves Guitar Dock. The other items I listed meet specific needs or save space, and the Guitar Dock does both. It clamps onto any surface like tables, desks or even guitar amplifiers with an adjustable clamp operated via an easy-to-use knob and securely holds the guitar neck. This allows you to place the butt of the guitar on the floor and the neck inside the Guitar Dock and feel safe that your guitar won't crash to the floor. There is a durable rubber surface on the parts that clamp onto the desk or table, as well as the parts touching the guitar neck, which avoids any type of damage to the guitar or surface. The yoke for the neck will rotate 360 degrees, in 45 degree increments, which allows even unusual surfaces to be used to mount the Guitar Dock. The yoke also can be angled up or down, as needed. The prongs on the yoke are made out of stiff rubber/plastic, which insures your guitar neck doesn't fall out, but it can be easily removed by hand. There is no tripod on the ground to trip you up in crowded or low-light scenarios. // 8

Sound: The Guitar Dock easily fits into a gig bag or guitar case and is exceptionally handy to have around when you least expect it. // 8

Reliability & Durability: The Guitar Dock is made out of rubber and plastic, mostly, but it feels sturdy enough, especially for its function. I've used it pretty extensively since I got it, which includes a lot of putting a guitar and removing it for the first week as I was working on some different projects. I also was working on an older guitar where the wood had dried and needed to be re-hydrated to facilitate neck adjustments, and I had left a guitar in the Guitar Dock for about a week straight in a small room with a humidifier while I was letting the wood re-hydrate. I didn't have any problems with the Guitar Dock on either occasion, and even now find myself using it frequently for both guitars and bass guitars. I think it will last a long time as long as I use it like it's designed to be used and don't do anything crazy like throw it against walls or anything. // 7

Ease of Use: After removing the Guitar Dock from the packaging, I used it pretty much immediately, as I was working on a song idea and trying to program the midi triggers for the drum parts in tandem with the guitar. I immediately placed the Guitar Dock on the edge of my desk and it allowed me to pick up my guitar and work on the guitar part, then place it quickly in the Guitar Dock to work on the midi drums again. No instructions needed - it is pretty simple. It literally takes seconds to install or uninstall for whichever surface you apply it to just by turning a little ergonomic plastic knob. The only problem I've had is using it on surfaces with rounded edges instead of flat edges, and in that situation you just have to be very conscious of the angle of the Guitar Dock when tightening it down. // 9

Overall Impression: The Guitar Dock is one of those things that I think is useful for almost all guitarists, and is cheap enough that it is a no-brainer gift for guitarists. I can see it being supremely useful for jams and band practice so you can put your guitar down for a minute when needed without having to drag a full size guitar stand to your space. Even in my situation, a few steps behind my workstation I have a 5 guitar stand, but I find myself using the Guitar Dock so I can safely put my guitar down without taking those few extra steps. Maybe I'm lazy, but I'm really digging this device. Like I stated earlier, it is one of those simple yet almost revolutionary ideas in the world of guitar accessories. // 9

- Brandon East (c) 2014

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