Blaze 7 DP702 review by DiMarzio

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
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DiMarzio: Blaze 7 DP702

Price paid: € 90

Purchased from: Musikverkstan (Göteborg)

Sound — 9
The website of DiMarzio states the output level of this pickup as 20.75 Kohms, which is true this pickup sounds more powerful than the DiMarzio ToneZone DP155 on my other guitar which is like 18 Kohms. I think that level of output is very decent to Drive your medium gain amps hard enough play some quality metal music, well in case you are into shreiky and sludgy sort of metal music then you might need and amp with more gain or a distortion pedal. I have installed this pickup on my Shecter Omen 7, which has a basswood body, after spending decent amount of time on reading about different type of guitar woods, I discovered that basswood is a pretty balanced wood and has more mids, and DiMarzio's website displays EQ for every pickup and it showed a EQ of (Lo: 7.5, Mid: 4.5, Hi: 6.0)for this pickup, so I thought this will nicely fit into a basswood body as it will balance out the sound well. After installing this pickup on my guitar, I find the sound very pleasing, decent response in all frequencies, a bit more on low, and is neither too shrieky nor to bland. I have played a variety of stuff with this pickup, Gojira - "Toxic Garbage Island", Meshuggah - "Catch 33", Textures, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Opeth. Of course I didn't managed to replicate the sound of Led Zeppelin and Hendrix but sound was pleasing enough to me, but this pickup very nicely delivers Gojira type sounds, and to get that sound I had to use a bit higher action and lower the pickup on the fat-strings-side then you can get more precise attack. I would say this pickup is an easy to use type pickups, not like the DiMarzio ToneZone DP155 which requires a decent amount of fiddling around to get the sound that you want from it. But on the other hand this pickup is not as versatile as ToneZone DP155 which has potential of generating unlimited number of tones based on its position and other factors, in that sense this pickup is limited but then I think it is actually a good thing, I mean who the hell has so much time these days. I am giving this pickup 9, because I have noticed something, but may be its my ears and a messed up over caffeinated brain, the attack of the sounds is very good but then the decay seems to be taking more than usual time. I mean I did some chugah-chuggah (haha) and then I could feel some sort of reverb in back ground, like as if the sounds haven't died out precisely when I wanted them too. Yeah I know it sounds a bit too weird, may it is due to the construction of my room. Otherwise sound wise very good pickup.

Overall Impression — 9
Soundwise this is a very good pickup but there is one issue with its durability mentioned in earlier section. When I have more time at my hands I will see if I could replace the silicon plate with the metal plate of the stock pickup of that guitar. And this pickup is meant to be installed in bridge position, and that's where I have installed it. Overall except for the little annoyance about the quality of silicon board used for the back plate, I am happy with this pickup. I would suggest while installing this pickup use some other springs because the stock springs have way too much tension and hence can lead to the accident that happened in my case.

Reliability & Durability — 5
Now this is where I look down upon this pickup. For some reason folks at DiMarzio pickups came up with the idea of using a silicon board for the backplate of the pickup, with back-plate I mean that metal thingy with two holes where the screws with springs go in such that your pickup is held in the pickup holder cavity. I guess they used that silicon instead of metal for the back plate for interference reasons. But this has lead to a bit serious problem. The screw which holds the pickup under the tension of the spring pushed the screw out of the silicon board and hence destroying the threads for the screw in one of the holes (treble side). So I had to go to a hardware store and picked up a slightly bigger screw and I removed the spring, so the pickup will stay in one position on the treble side, and that means everytime I need to do the height adjustment for the pickup I need to struggle a bit. Not that I do pickup adjustment on daily basis but this still is not good.

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