Evolution Bridge DP159 review by DiMarzio

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.1 (25 votes)
DiMarzio: Evolution Bridge DP159

Price paid: $ 75

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 10
I have been playing a very long time, going through various amplifiers, guitars, effects, tubes, strings, picks... You get the picture. Guitar pick ups are on this long list of gear that you try out and hope for the best. Some times you love it and some times you want to throw it out the window for some other schmuck to deal. I believe I have found the pick up I like the most; The Evolution by DiMarzio. Now, this review was not taken lightly at all. I have this pick up in two different guitars and been trying it out for about a year now. DiMarzio is boasting the Evo as a high output pick up, with the treble at 6.0, bass at 6.5 and the mids up 7.0, I have found this pick up very balanced. Let me go through some set up configurations I have tried: Line 6 X3 Live: Using a modeling amp you can do just about anything, however I have found that if you turn off all the bells and whistles you can get a nice clean lead tone. Peavey JSX: This is the Joe Satriani signature Peavey amp. This amp has a little more mid-range than most, but still an awesome amp. Both amplifiers are run through a Randall 4x12 with Vintage 30s. In the bridge position, the Evo cleans up any chord very nice with distortion! You can hear every little note clear as a bell. To me this is important, especially when you are playing rock music and trying to put accents on suspended chords. The one feature I really dig about the Evo is that it cleans up very nicely using the volume on the guitar. Now, on the modeling amp, you are loosing tone, but what can you expect from a modeling amp? It's not tube... Which brings me to backing off the volume on a tube amp. You are loosing nothing! When you back that volume up it creates a very bluesy tone. This is very nice if you are running around and you can not hit a pedal or adjust your amp, just back off the volume.

Overall Impression — 10
In a nutshell, I love this pick up! There were two huge features that sold me: Clean tone and no loss of tone while backing up the volume. I also like the fact that the pick up comes in array of color schemes. Come on now... We all like our stuff to look nice. One last thing to add is that the DiMarzio site and forums are awesome! Everyone there is full of info and ready to help. This pick up is in two of my guitars: Fender Fat Strat and my Ibanez Prestige 3550. Both guitars are wired with a 500k pot. These guitars also have the matching neck pick up, which deserves its own review. Thank you for your time and I hope this helped a little. Feel free to contact me with any questions! Peace.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Well, I have had this pick up for over a year in two of my guitars, so I think it is a safe bet that it will survive. I recommend this pick up to anyone and everyone who plays rock, jazz, country or anything similar. Sorry, although I am a metal head the Evo is not for you.

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    I had them in my my number two strat for a 7 week test. I played them thru several amps. They offened me in many ways. I removed them and installed EMGs'. Now I have a playable guitar. A friend used the same pick ups for 5 weeks, hated them. Put the fender pups back in. The next guy just put them in his MIM strat. I see what he thinks.