Evolution Bridge DP159 review by DiMarzio

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  • Sound: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.1 (25 votes)
DiMarzio: Evolution Bridge DP159

Purchased from: Victor Litz Music

Sound — 10
I have it in 4 guitars: a 1997 Jackson PS-4 (both neck & bridge), 1996 Jackson JDR Dinky Reverse (bridge), 1984 Randy Rhoads/Jackson and 1985 Kramer American Series. All with Floyd Roses

On the PS-4: Rosewood fretboard/maple neck, Alder body, Evo in the neck, in the middle Fast Track 2 (17.6k ohms), the Evo at the bridge (13.84k ohms), 250k ohm volume pot, a 500k ohm tone pot with a 22mf cap. This guitar is very heavy handed, the pickups made this a very good thrash guitar, scoop out the mids, classic "Master of Puppets"/"...And Justice for All"/Kirk Hammett sledge hammer slamming tone. The lead tone has good highs, huge mids and huge bass kick. Brutal impact when playing rhythm, very thumpy, with out getting muddy. 

My JDR Dinky Reverse: Rosewood fretboard/maple neck, Basswood body, Bill Lawrence L-250 in the neck (13.06k ohms), DiMarzio Fast Track 2 (17.6k ohms)in the middle, DiMarzio Evo at the bridge (13.84k ohms), 500k ohm volume pot, 500k ohms tone pot with a 22mf cap. On this guitar the Evo reminds me of the tones Steve Vai had on the "Eat'em and Smile" CD with David Lee Roth. The Harmonics on the guitar just jump out and in the #4 slot, on 5 way switch, the rhythm is still big. Lead wise, very Satch/Vai sounding, very articulate. 

On the Kramer: Maple fretboard/maple neck, Ash wood body, Bill Lawrence L-250 (13.02k ohms), GFS "Lil" Killer (15k ohms), an Evo at the bridge (13.84k ohms), 500k ohms volume pot, 500k ohms tone pot with a 22mf cap. This guitar has very hard hitting 1980's metal sound. I put the Evo in because the DiMarzio X2N was too trebly and the Evo solved the problem. 

On the Randy Rhoads/Jackson: Ebony fretboard/maple neck, Evo on the neck (13.03k ohms), Evo (13.84k ohms) in the middle and a GFS Hex pole piece pickup (16.87k ohms) in the bridge, with 500k ohms concentric (stacked pots), 5-way/Fender style pickup selector switch with a 22mf caps. I have splitting switches to make the middle/neck sound single coil and man, they sound great on my 12-string simulator(very convincing) and when I'm putting them through heavy Distortion/Overdrive... the guitar is pure evil!

Reliability & Durability — 10
I like the way the pickups have a different impact on the guitars of various woods, types of pots and caps... All major factors in determining the sound of an electric guitar. I use stainless steel picks and sometimes staccato/Yngwie around and these pickups are very well made and some of my first Evo's were bought in 1997... Still hanging in there from the steel picks.

My older one from 1997, still don't need to be repotted with wax, no microphonic squeals, those pickups have aged well over the years, the tone has mellowed out a little in the bass department, now it's more defined/clearer.

Overall Impression — 10
With these pickups, I play metal, thrash, speed metal and 1980's metal. My older Evo's sound a lot like my Carvin M22SD pickup (my new favorite pickup) in the way they react to the other materials in the guitar, playing dynamics, effects and amp tones. I've been playing for 36 years and the Evo is a classic pickup to get, especially if you like Metal or Shred guitar. The pickup in the neck position cleans up nice, but the bridge is designed to make unborn children limp and is a little harder to clean up with a volume knob. Even though the Carvin M22SD has replaced the Evo as my favorite bridge pickup, the Evo is still a great pickup.

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    "but lacks somewhat in the rhythm department and it is just not punchy enough for the good ol' chugging rhythms." What?? Seriously? If you can't get the "chug" from this pickup you are most definitely doing something wrong. Change the amp, re-position your hand, or insert a steel bar in your guitar for sustain, this is an amazing pickup for chugging.