Evolution Bridge DP159 review by DiMarzio

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  • Sound: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (25 votes)
DiMarzio: Evolution Bridge DP159

Price paid: $ 100

Purchased from: audiomusica.com

Sound — 9
Sound very well defined and "in your face," however their sound is like "ringing bell" and "disturbing" frequencies are decreased. Frequency analysis here:

Highs, very well defined, recall the passages where Steve Vay plays with distortions and little gain. I'm surprised because to be bridge humb, the clean channel sound is nice and usable (for example if you add chorus).

Mids, this is the frequency where they put the most effort and which were more successful. The media is enhanced but not annoying and have a strong presence; This is especially nice with distortion riff, everything is understood and defined (beware raise the gain of the amp, the capsule comes with much gain).

Lows, like the mids, the frequencies "muddy" are decreased and lower-middle reveal all the notes you play (even with hard distortion).

Reliability & Durability — 9
As DiMarzio, no problems.

Overall Impression — 9
To give an idea, when I first started playing the capsule gave me the impression that i was playing with new strings. I installed it on an Ibanez RG Prestige. Compared with Seymour Duncan JB installed on my other Ibanez RG, the Evolution has a compact equalized and sound; JB instead was intended to bring out the natural sound of your guitar in a more vintage approach but with good output (clean mode JB is not useable, very raw)... Everything is a matter of taste. I do not give 10 because it is the capsule is a accurate machine, if Mister DiMarzio put just a bit less equalization and gain the capsule would be perfect (for me).

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    I never understood guitarists who said that the original Dimarzio Evolutions were bad for metal. If you want a tight, aggressive, articulate pickup which has a reasonable output level then this is the pickup you are looking for. Yes it is on the bright side but nowhere near as shrill as some people would have you believe. This pickup is also nowhere near as scooped as people say it is - are they serious? It is full of mids and high mids to the point where Vai asked Dimarzio to dial them back on the Evo 2. And the dumbest claim of all that it has no bottom?! How are you supposed to have a tight pickup if you have it loaded with as much bass as a Tone Zone. Isn't that what amp controls are for? The fact is, this pickup is high output enough to where you can easily drive the input of a high gain amp with an OD808 or similar and not end up with a muddy buzz saw tone. This pickup is a lot like the Dactivator only with grownup output level expectations and better tone. I used to use EMG 81s and X2Ns but when I started boosting my amps with Tubescreamer type pedals I had to stop using X2Ns because they were too much output. I found EVos and they became my favorite pickups I have ever tried. I really think people online bash gear they have never even used and this is a great example.