Super 2 DP104 Review

manufacturer: DiMarzio date: 02/09/2015 category: Pickups
DiMarzio: Super 2 DP104
If you love the sound of a Super Distortion in the bridge and you like hot neck pickups too, try a Super 2. The Super 2 takes the classic Super Distortion sound and slides the EQ up in favor of the high-end.
 Sound: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 10
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overall: 10
Super 2 DP104 Reviewed by: the_addict, on march 05, 2008
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Sound: I have a pair of old Dimarzio Super 2s. They were made in the early 80s and to my astonishment still work. I don't know what the exact output level is in terms of measurement but, they sound beautiful. They're very clear cut in tone and well balanced all the way around. The bass, mid, and treble are all on spot. One doesn't over power the other. I have them in both positions and would recommend them for both. If you want to know what the actual sound of your guitar is on a clean channel, this pickup is for you. // 10

Reliability & Durability: It was made in the early '80s so I think it'll last until it mysteriously get corroded. Not much else to say except that american made products are way better than Jap in terms of quality. // 10

Overall Impression: I have these installed in my Jackson SL2H Soloist and the guitar sounds 1000x better. It had J50 Jackson stock pickups in it since it was made in 1985. I can finally to harmonics without fighting for them. Hands down my favorite pickup and I've tried Duncans and EMGs, they weren't for me. // 10

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overall: 9.7
Super 2 DP104 Reviewed by: mattkrush, on february 09, 2015
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Sound: In all super-strat (Jackson) neck positions (except mahogany wood bodies)this particular high output humbucker is quiet and designed to not have over-powering lows. It helps enhance the mids and highs to really get the glass like cleans and the creamy sounding solos for leads. It is very full sounding without the muddiness. It does require a "tipped" setting i.e. further from the low E and closer to the high E string. In a Mahogany body super-strat (Jackson Soloist) it is too muddy/low ended for this user. However it is an excellent bridge pick up for mahogany bodied guitars (that is where it is now). Full sounding, tight and clear. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Very durable... I have yet to run into a DiMarzio that wasn't. My oldest DiMarzio branded pick up is the X2N which I had since 1995. It sounds just as powerful as the X2N I purchased 6 months ago. DiMarzio pick ups will last as long as you let them. Plenty of wire length and very solid base plate. The springs are typically pretty long and I usually cut 1/4" off of them prior to installation. The hex head poles adjust with moderate force so they wont inadvertently move and the hex design ensure you wont slip and scratch your pick up or guitar like a slotted screw. // 10

Overall Impression: I play speed metal, thrash, and rock. This is well suited for any style. Cleans up beautifully, depending on distance from strings, some users may have to back the volume on the guitar down to not distort the amp. Awesome neck pickup to complement to the X2N bridge pick up for all non-mahogany body guitars. Perfect bridge pick-up for mahogany or really deep/low end sounding guitars. The guitars used (all in the neck spot): Jackson Dinky basswood, Jackson Dinky poplar, Jackson Rhodes poplar, Jackson Soloist X series mahogany (Bridge). Not as flat and sterile sounding as EMG actives with the same output and better harmonics. This was chosen to do just as I have described. Clean up the neck position, give more output, and balance/compliment the X2N in the bridge of my Jacksons. // 10

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