Tone Zone DP155 review by DiMarzio

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (14 votes)
DiMarzio: Tone Zone DP155

Price paid: $ 80

Purchased from: Music and Arts

Sound — 8
This isn't a pickup you're going to get a crisp clean sound from. It's meant for the bridge position I put this in the neck position of my strat and it has a nice warm and heavy sound with a lot of bass and mid range that has been balanced quite well with just enough highs to Live up to it's name. Long story short, it gives you a lot of tone to play with and isn't muddy at all. You can get even more out of it if you wire it to be used with coil tap/push-pull pots. The Tone Zone's one weakness is highs. The highs don't ring out as much as some people may be looking for but that is not what this pickup was created to do. And the Tone Zone isn't weak either. This is a high output humbucker that can distort the clean channel on my amp when I have my guitar volume high, which some people may not like but I like to every once in a while. In all this gives me the very warm, nice jazzy cleans that I want. Distorted it has a very powerful heavy sound. It's not extremely versatile which is why I'm only giving it an 8 for sound but it provides a good contrast to the Super Distortion I have in the bridge which is what I was looking for.

Overall Impression — 9
I love this pickup for the warm jazzy cleans and the heavy, strong rhythm it can produce. You always hear people saying new pickups will not change your tone that much but compared to the stock single coils I had in my strat, their is a world of difference and it has achieved exactly what I wanted. Maby not instant eargasm, but I love it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
As far as I can tell it seems very sturdy and very well made. I have never herd of pickups breaking and this one is quite tightly covered other than the two rails coming out the top so corrosion doesn't seem like it will be a big problem. I'm sure it will last quite a while. If something goes wrong, the first thing I will suspect is my soldering job, not the pickup.

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    Yeah, I have the same pickup on my guitar. I dunno if it's just my guitar or my technique, but I can't seem to get harmonics on the Low E to sound good though. I can get those on other people's guitars, but eh well. Good pickup in general
    You all suck and need to improve your technique instead of bashing a great pickup.
    I am also not able to pull artificial harmonics on this pickup, and I am sure my technique is right because I am able to to it on the middle single coil pickup
    I've just installed this on my schecter c-1 standard, on the bridge position, and all of the those who said that harmonics are, your technique most be really shitty. it gets really nice harmonics on my guitar
    artificial harmonics ARE harder with this pickup. I've been playing for a very long time and can hit AHs very easily. After I put this pickup on my RG2550 prestige, the sound became a lot duller and the harmonics do not pop nearly as much as the stock pickups.
    I have the tone zone in the bridge position on a humbucker strat, and a Lace Sensor D100 in the neck position. I like the tone zone a lot, and think I might try an air norton in the neck position. Great definition and tight harmonics. Pleanty of gain..excellent!
    I've been using this pickup for ages, I love it - its meant for the bridge pos really , so you cant really say that the pickups weakness is its highs when you're putting it in the neck pos. Ive got it on the bridge pos of 2 of my guitars (floyd rose strat, and epi LP) and it sounds awesome on both - it really cuts through for solos And gitaarproff - i have the air norton on the neck of my LP - such a sweet combo!
    The Krusher
    I found this pickup to be quite boring. I have played the majority of DiMarzio pickups and found this one to be the most overrated.
    I love this pickup. bridge position on my ibanez s470. it gave me so much bigger of a sound. i love it.
    jep i can make AH's easy with this pickup, also, combination with air norton neck is great
    with AH its always in the technique. try striking the harmonic a lil more to the side of the bridge, theyll come out sounding brighter and with more 'cut'.
    This is the bridge pickup that Petrucci used on "Images And Words" in his Ibanez, Carl August Tidemann also used this pickup in the bridge on his Ibanez in Arcturus on the first two albums, you can hear in their solos it has a very distinct tone with high gain. I am about to pop one into an Ibanez RG1570 to get that great tone as well.