Hot Rails Stacked Humbucker review by Dragonfire

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 10 (1 vote)
Dragonfire: Hot Rails Stacked Humbucker

Price paid: $ 17.95

Purchased from: TnT Custom Guitars/ Dragon Fire Guitars

Sound — 10
I purchased two DragonFire HOT Rails (Stacked Humbuckers), one for a S, S, H configured Soft Maple bodied Super Strat with a Floyd Rose Tremolo with 500k ohm pot,.22mf cap and the pick up measured 12.48k ohms on my meter. I installed it in the neck position, because I wanted a heavy neck pick up that slammed like a humbucker but had a "tubey" bell tone of a Strat. The pick up was better than I hoped, it had a fat, tight, round bass response, great lower mid response and perfect treble with out the shrill. The pick up delivered a great tone reminiscent of a Bill Lawrence L-250, DiMarzio YJM (now called an HS-4), DiMarzio Chopper with an old PAF neck humbucker tone (very Les Paul like). Think John Sykes solo tone on White Snake's "In The Still Of The Night". On the second purchase, it when into the bridge position of traditional Alder wooded - Rosewood necked Strat S, S, S configuration with 250k ohm pots, 47mf cap and a Wilkinson Tremolo. The neck had some Fender Custom pick ups in the Neck, Middle and the D.F. HOT Rail was in the Bridge position. This pick up was rated at 11.96 on my meter. This guitar got a new life, not only does it give an SRV tone in the neck and middle, now I have a heavy handed tone for soloing. To me it has the same tone Yngwie got on "Marching Out"'s, "I'll See The Light Tonight". When I backed the volume knob down (to 5 and a half) on this pick up with some softer Distortion / Over Drive, with an old 60's Univbe and Flanger, I got the killer Robin Trower tones from his "Bridge Of Sighs" album.

Overall Impression — 10
I've been playing over 30 years, I've tried Dimarzio, Bare Knuckle, Bill Lawrence, Seymour Duncan and everything in between. These pick up are unique in their E.Q.'ed voicing and they are in a league of their own. But I really Really believe these babies sound good on Transistor amps, but to me they really sound great in all positions, different wooded bodies and necks... But they burn so HOT and sexy on a tube amp!

Reliability & Durability — 10
This pick is Schizophrenic, it seems to react very sensitively to the wood, picking attack, effects, volume and tone knob manipulations. And it sings with beautiful sustain and feedback. This pick up can go from great Heavy Blues to Heavy hitting at the roll of a volume knob.

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    Nice review. I'll try those out if i have a chance. I have a hotrails deluxe strat by squier, but the pups are stock and alltho i like them i would go for beter ones if there are anny better sounding hotrails.
    Thanks, Ive been playing for over 34 years and tried many pick ups,in I got a box full of pick ups of manu different brands of low quality, boutique and the "Big Brands". This one is staying on's got a permanent home now