Screamers review by Dragonfire

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (8 votes)
Dragonfire: Screamers

Price paid: $ 24.95

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Sound — 7
According to the site the neck is 8.3k and the bridge is 16.9k. The pickups have a nice high output. Both pickups are plenty sensitive to legato techniques. The tone is nice at least for my setup. I'm running a mahogany/walnut neck thru with a floyd straight to a Crate GFX 1200 half stack. These pickups gave me better harmonics, tighter bass with better mids and searing highs. They are very articulate and great for hard rock and heavy metal and both pickups work well for shredding. However it is easy to make these pickups sound tinny because of their emphasis on the highs. I wouldn't recommend these in an already bright sounding guitar. Oh and the cleans are pretty nice. It's hard for me to say much about cleans anyway because I prefer the clean sound of a humbucker over that of a single coil.

Overall Impression — 7
IMO there is nothing I hate about these pickups really. Just for more details my guitar is a Douglas WRL 590. HSH with the screamers set replacing the neck and bridge pickups. They are balanced well in volume. I don't know how these compare to the big name brands like Seymour Duncan but the price is right.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I don't really see how you could wear out a pickup. The quality is fine. They aren't microphonic like my old pickups were but you will still feedback if you aren't playing. That happens with all high output pickups in loud high gain settings anyway. The feedback is controllable and if you sustain a note you can make it feedback at an octave higher which sounds awesome. Definitely an improvement over my old pickups. This could go under sound but these qualities are also a sign of good construction so.

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    Dont buy anything from dragonfire the deliver the wrong products to you. The guy is rude and doesn't understand the words customer service. Shit pick ups and a shit head selling them. Give your money to someone that wants it.
    I picked up these for $20 used for a Project Bich special that had fake active looking BSDMs I was doing with my kids. Nice for the money cant go wrong, if you have a lower end guitar with Duncan designs or no name pickups And dont want to spend $100s these will make your guitar transform into a screamer. Most of the time I have these on 5-7 and get all the drive I need out of them! There is no reason to have them on 10 to get them to overdrive a tube amp. The low end on these is good too actually they have tons of low end and upper mid. A very good cheap pick up. Sound different than a Duncan or Dimarzio but thats the point. Create your own tone/sound!
    Jackie Lawless
    i put these on my junker flying v forever ago, except mine were the chrome screamers. after finally fixing some of the guitars faults, these things are bitching. plenty of clarity, the cleans have just the right amount of twang, the distortion has wonderful punch and bottom boom. the highs are nice and tight. catches harmonics pretty solidly. if i ever get a project guitar, these are gonna go into that, too.
    Bought a pair of Screamers off the TNT website. When they arrived, one had a functioning ground wire and the other did not. When I complained via email, I was told in no uncertain terms that I just didn't understand the situation and the "dead" ground wire was exactly how it was supposed to be. When I pointed out that the other one functioned OK, the next email was borderline nasty and implied that I was either too stupid and/or ignorant to comprehend the situation. Lots of CAPS, zero respect and no willingness to admit that they had shipped out merchandise without checking it first. Beware. I'm sure he'll be along soon enough to explain at great length how wretched a person I am.
    I put a set of zebra Screamers in my Les Paul style DIY kit guitar I built. A substantial improvement over the Chinese pickups that came with the kit. Both pups sound great and are very responsive (especially the bridge). I have no complaints. For $35, it would be extremely difficult to find a better set of pickups.
    I got these pick up with an Alder body- Rosewood neck Randy Rhoads / Jackson copy kit I ordered from Dragon Fire Guitars. I was going to install my usuall Dimarzio Evolutions that I have in all my Metal guitars, but I decided to try out the Screamers that came in the kit. I tried it out on My Carvin X-100B and Holy Moly !!!! .... these pick ups kick ass. It's tones were a cross between a Seymour Duncan JB pick and a Dimarzio X2N but with more tighter bass, but slightly EQ'ed differently. I loved the way the pick up's fed back between 3rd's, 5th's and octaves tonal shift and the sustain was heavenly !!!! This pick up is for Heavy Metal and the Neck pick up was very simular to a Dimarzio Super 2 (at 8.3k ohms). and they sound great on a clean channel with Chourus or Flanger. I've been playing guitar for over 30 years and I now found another great source for great tone ( at a lower price) out side the "Big Brand" makers.
    I have used quite a lot of pickups and other stuff from Dragonfire and have been impressed about quality copared to price. Also have tried these Screamers and they are good for the money, but I'm not sure about customer service in Dragonfire guitars when soething goes wrong. No replies for e-mails, no comments about missing items, no comments about missing shipments... Maybe this is the "price" we have to pay for cheap product prices... Good deals can go wrong with shitty customer service...
    I installed a pair of these Screamers in my LTD 256 Goldtop L.P. and on first play test ran them through a Peavey Viper 30 at mid-high volume. I wish I could say I was impressed. But honestly, I think they only showed average power, with indistinct and highs & lows, and not a lot of scream. For the money? Okay... but not smokin'. Hey, they were better when pumped through my Ibanez Tube Screamer and/or my MXR Dyna Comp pedal(s), but just not super.
    had 3 different sets of these.. the normal and 2 of the sreamer sets.. the bridge is hi output the neck not. If someone is saying they are not hot then they are either talking about the neck or the bridge coils are split.. just as hot a a dd hb102 set