Screamers Review

manufacturer: DragonFire date: 07/25/2011 category: Pickups

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DragonFire: Screamers
The pickups have a nice high output. Both pickups are plenty sensitive to legato techniques. The tone is nice at least for my setup.
 Sound: 7
 Overall Impression: 7
 Reliability & Durability: 10
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overall: 8
Screamers Reviewed by: Buccino915, on july 25, 2011
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Price paid: $ 24.95

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Sound: According to the site the neck is 8.3k and the bridge is 16.9k. The pickups have a nice high output. Both pickups are plenty sensitive to legato techniques. The tone is nice at least for my setup. I'm running a mahogany/walnut neck thru with a floyd straight to a Crate GFX 1200 half stack. These pickups gave me better harmonics, tighter bass with better mids and searing highs. They are very articulate and great for hard rock and heavy metal and both pickups work well for shredding. However it is easy to make these pickups sound tinny because of their emphasis on the highs. I wouldn't recommend these in an already bright sounding guitar. Oh and the cleans are pretty nice. It's hard for me to say much about cleans anyway because I prefer the clean sound of a humbucker over that of a single coil. // 7

Reliability & Durability: I don't really see how you could wear out a pickup. The quality is fine. They aren't microphonic like my old pickups were but you will still feedback if you aren't playing. That happens with all high output pickups in loud high gain settings anyway. The feedback is controllable and if you sustain a note you can make it feedback at an octave higher which sounds awesome. Definitely an improvement over my old pickups. This could go under sound but these qualities are also a sign of good construction so. // 10

Overall Impression: IMO there is nothing I hate about these pickups really. Just for more details my guitar is a Douglas WRL 590. HSH with the screamers set replacing the neck and bridge pickups. They are balanced well in volume. I don't know how these compare to the big name brands like Seymour Duncan but the price is right. // 7

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