Lil Killer review by GFS

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.6 (9 votes)
GFS: Lil Killer

Sound — 8
Sounds great. I bought a set of three so I can play all kind of music with them. The bridge is pretty high (15k), perfect for metal. The middle is not that high(10k), great for clean solos. The neck is pretty low, almost to low (6.5k), but great for most kind of playing styles. The set is great but I, d like a higher neck. I don't usually like trebly pickups, but they has got a fuller sound with great attack. I allways set high treble and bass to get better harmonics and more power.

Overall Impression — 8
I love the attack. The perfect lead sound. I have played about three years so I'm not that good when it comes to this, I just play extremly good. I put it in a J&D strat copy 'cause I love the guitar but it sounded horrible. Now the guitar sounds great and I play almost anything with it. My band plays a Deep Purple cover called Black Night and along with a Gibson SG as rhythm guitar it's close to heaven.

Reliability & Durability — 10
They are just as good as Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio but still not expensive. I use that guitar every time I play with my band and everyone loves the sound. Combine it with a Gibson SG and you, ll have rihc sound that allways can depend on. The Lil Killer will last.

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    I want 2 buy one of these to go along with my DiMarzio SD100 and a stock PUP that came with my guitar. (Stock is in the neck position). Which one should i get b/c there is 3 versions: vintage, modern, and hot. It will b in the middle position. I'm shooting 4 the "modern" but i don't know. A little advice would be very helpful. Btw I have never played a gfs pickup and I have heard such good reviews. thnx.
    ^add on. I need to known that my money is well spent. I play anything if that helps ( Cream-Cannibal Corpse). I deffinitely will use it however unlike some other players who act like the pups that come with their guitar are useless unless they r the bride possition pup.
    my friend bought a neck pickup to use in the bridge for his strat (b/c the normal bridge pickup was rated at like 11k or more or something, no feedback, and has a sweet sound to it. Thick like a humbucker, and he plays ac/dc type stuff and occasional heavy stuff and imho sounds promising. Its a rail, i have no experience with them but maybe thats the reason??
    I,ve just swtiched places with the middle and neck pickup. Bright,clean sound in middle now(weak with distortion,only used with clean settings). Warm,cool sounding neck(pickup very close to the strings for a fatter,more powerful sound,mostly used for solos)
    along with my metal zone distortion(great distortion pedal)I have sustain for weeks
    10k in the bridge..the 15 is way to brash (loud bright). you position it the immediately have to adjust the volume.
    10k in the bridge..the 15 is way to brash (loud bright). you position it then immediately have to adjust the volume.
    I got a couple. One in the neck of my daughter's strat. Meh... neither a good single nor a good humbucker. It is quiet, looks nice. I also have a bridge dual 15k - pretty close to the SD JB Jr and so I'd say "yeah" if I wanted a single in the bridge. It is hot enough that you can decide what tone you want for hot - halves in series, tame, halves in parallel or simply split to singles. Hot enough for switching options. The neck/middle aren't really hot enough for switching options and frankly I'll trade to have tone with hum or go for a special mod from Louis the King.