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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.6 (7 votes)
GFS: VEH - Vintage Extra Hot

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Sound — 9
I have this pickup set up as a neck position pickup, so naturally it's going to be a bit more mellow than the bridge position windings. Let me tell you, this is a really articulate and clear sound - almost twangy, reminiscent of that classic Telecaster sound. Without any distortion and set fairly far away from the strings, this pup can make your chords sing out with how much mids this thing can catch and put out. Up close and this thing starts to dirty itself a little bit and gives a nice natural crunch sound, a good compliment to a high output pickup made for metal or hard rock. This thing also takes distortion and fuzz really well with the amount of mids his thing gets. As a bit of an amateur with electronics, this was also the first pickup I ever coil-split. Remember when I said this thing sounded twangy almost like a Tele? Even more so when split at the neck, twangier clearer, and wonderfully bright. The distortion possibilities widen even more because this pup lessens the distortion and cleans up nicely to the point of almost sounding like a new guitar entirely. So the guitar I have this installed in? Nothing special, I only have it in an SG Special, 500k push/pull pot, and a newly installed bone nut. I'm not sure if you'll find that all useful but it seems like some of you are nitpicky on the equipment used in these reviews. Also, it might help to know that this pickup uses an Alnico V magnet.

Overall Impression — 10
So the clarity of this thing in the neck is a good alternative to the natural crunch and trebly sound of the rails I have currently installed. People have come up to me asking about the rails and I tell them a good story of how my guitar sound came to be and often times I get complimented on how the clean sound of my guitar rings (they have no idea that it was all my neck pickup that does the clean voicings of what I play). It's a wonderful classic 6 pole pieces, 6 screws look that never gets old. I LOVE this thing.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I just got this thing fresh from the factory so I wouldn't exactly know when it'll clock out on me. It's handled some pretty extreme climate changes from desert, to snow storm, to my friend just got out of a HOT shower and let the steam come into the room with all of the equipment, but after nearly 2 and a half years of owning this thing it still sounds as clear as ever. It was easy to install into a push/pull pot because of the 4-wire conductor, and handled my n00b soldering skills much better. I also had to take it out and re-install it because I was an idiot and went through a VERY experimental phase with some weird pickup combinations (it's currently in combination with a Crunchy Rails humbucker for the bridge but that's another story).

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    King of Zor
    I got the VEH based on what I thought it would sound like, and that's what it sounded like. It reminds me of DiMarzio's Satriani pickups; about the same strength, similar harmonic content, etc. The interesting thing about it is that when I wired the coils in parallel (using a push-pull volume pot), the thing sounded almost like a Tele bridge pickup with no noise! This has become an EXTREMELY useful pickup to me, and is in a couple of my guitars' bridge positions.
    I have a Les Paul Custom with a Gold covered Dragon Fire Screamer ( 16k ohms) that i love in the bridge position. I wanna get a hot neck pick up for my guitar that would be in the 11k ohms range. I just hope the pole piece would fit in the neck position of a Les Paul.