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manufacturer: GuitarHeads date: 09/29/2016 category: Pickups
GuitarHeads: HEX-7
I love everything about it the sound how it really gets stuck in your head. When I hit the 7 string no matter what tuning you are its gonna blow your mind.
 Sound: 7.5
 Overall Impression: 8
 Reliability & Durability: 9
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overall: 10
HEX-7 Reviewed by: Tenebrion, on december 11, 2012
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Price paid: $ 30

Purchased from: GUITARHEADS

Sound: Bridge Position Model (F Spaced) - DC Resistance: 17.4K Ohms - AC Impedance: 9.2Z - Pole Piece Spacing: 60.5mm WELL first of all this is a high output pick up. I put this this pick up in my Starfire 7 and it did a great difference in the sound. The sound is not very compressed which I like that cause the pick up has more characteristics than active pick ups. It sounds solid with the amp I'm using which is a Bugera 6262, in the cleans sounds good too its not just a metal pick up like what most people say about it. The tone is awesome obviously you can get better tone from more expensive stuff like DiMarzio and bare knuckle but its not as expensive. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I can honestly say this pick up will last the same as any other expensive brand in the market as long you did install it correctly you wont have any problems with it. And its a heavy pick up I think a bit more heavy than known brands. Guitarheads have a great customer service always answering the customer questions if they can answer you the same day they will. I am very impressed with everything they have on the website cheap but good quality. Yes I can depend on it the HEX 7 is rock solid very well built. // 10

Overall Impression: I love everything about it the sound how it really gets stuck in your head. When I hit the 7 string no matter what tuning you are its gonna blow your mind. My Starfire 7 gain new life with this bridge pick up now, I can play it with more confidence cause the stock pick ups in it sucked horribly no sustain, even in clean sounded muddy and dull. But thank to HEX 7 I am very happy with it, barely makes noise its a very quiet pick up I guess that most be the best feature about the HEX 7 its dead quiet you don hear hum coming out of the amp. // 10

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overall: 6.3
HEX-7 Reviewed by: scatalog, on september 29, 2016
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Purchased from: EBay

Sound: These pickups CAN BE MADE to sound awesome... BUT there are GLARING reasons why they are cheap. They are NOT potted correctly (or at all), and the brass base/mounting ears are a bit oversized for most pickup cavities. Serious modification, in all of the sets I've bought, has to be done to make them fit properly. Almost all 7 string guitars have direct mounted, NOT ring mounted set ups. I've had to bend the ears flat, use my tin snips to shape new, flat mounting ears, and drill new holes (or dremel out slots), for mounting. NOT FUN.

They "scream." In SUCH A HORRIBLE way, when you first put them in. These pickups do not appear to be potted (soaked in wax to cut down on microphonic banshee squealing) in any discernible way. They might be potted... but just... not enough for any real overdrive or distortion. Once the brass baseplate and newly formed mounting ears are both tin snipped, shaped and drilled, the pickups ABSOLUTELY need to be potted (read about how to wax pot pickups... google it). Once all this shit has been done... you have a pickup that can easily compete with DiMarzio of Duncan. Is all this work worth it? This depends on if you are a rich kid, lazy, a DIY guy or suffer from grinding poverty (I have the last 2 afflictions). The tone after all this work..is a solid 10... BUT minus 5 points for some serious effort and skilled work to get them up to par. They are truly awesome, though. That is why I have them loaded in 3 guitars. // 5

Reliability & Durability: Once these things are potted, they will last a lot longer and be virtually impervious to corrosion... unless you live in some backwater bilge and never put your 7-string back in it's case. They will work for a long time. // 8

Overall Impression: Like I stated above these pickups are AWESOME - when the work is put into them. I recommend every guitar player pot their own pickups at least once in their lives. JUST PLEASE don't burn down the house doing so... potting can be very dangerous. If you're a paint huffing dumbass. The work needed for them to perform like spendy pickups... Just flatly sucks to do. The results are amazing in every way. Is it worth it? I think it sure is. // 6

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