PGH-1B-W review by Johnny Eleca

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  • Sound: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (2 votes)
Johnny Eleca: PGH-1B-W

Price paid: $ 16

Purchased from: eBay/direct

Sound — 9
When I first got this I was not expecting much. In fact replacing a stock pickup from a Rogue Deluxe I thought it might sound worse. Had a few hic-ups (explained below) but once I had it right this thing blew past expectations. The pickup comes packed with a 16.8k DC resistance hot alnico 5 magnet. Also to my surprise this pickup was dipped in wax and has no interference or hum what so ever. They have other models with different DC resistance and all come under 20 bucks for each pickup. When I played with this model late last night the dynamics of the sound wowed me. I could hit my E string then hit a note on the D string with clarity. I got used to how if you hit notes together that's not power chords you get a blurry mess of sound. This rectified it like a champ. I was worried with the high output that if I used a clean setting on my amp then the strings would sound distorted. This pickup is the perfect balance of both worlds. I can not testify it with harmonics however as I do not use a lot of them but these pickups rock and as long as they are around I will be putting these in future guitars. I mean for the price no other brand can beat it and i have tried A LOT! I am also running this pickup through a Zoom G1on, and an Orange RT20 and an Acoustic G20.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Remember that hic-up? Well When I got the pickup in the mail I spent about 3 hours trying to install it... I thought it was a bust. I contacted the company frustrated and they issued a refund on the spot.. After doing some digging what was going on with it I found an interesting theory about split coil wires. The pickup was already in the trash and around midnight last night I said OH WHY NOT? When using a pickup that has split coil techs will tell you just to duct tape it... NO NO NO... Solder it. This will bypass the split signal all together. My pickup was cutting in and out and went to low volume. I wish I found the information sooner before doing this so I didn't just blame the company. IF ANYONE READS THIS I REPEAT... SOLDER THE SPLIT SIGNALS TOGETHER then tape it before installing a pickup. I felt really bad and this morning refunded the refund... I like to sleep at night.

As far as durability goes it's built like a standard pickup. All of these are waxed so I had some wax on the side and below the magnet.. No big deal.. Just tells me THERE IS NO NOISE GETTING IN. My minor gripe it the cloth looks a little loose but this could of been caused when I tossed it in the trash yesterday. I haven't had this this long enough to see if the materials will last but for 17 bucks if it goes a few years without rust or corrosion then its money well spent. Ill just get another one if that happens. I would use this live if I gigged live but I don't. This will be used in recording though When I get my PC.

Overall Impression — 9
I play a lot of Metallica, Ghost, modern rock, speed metal, old rock, little bit of everything and what I have tried on this Johnny Eleca pickup on does it all near perfect. It is a shame you can not find more YouTube videos or information online. This was a gamble that I do not regret at all. I have been playing off and on for 17 years now and if someone stole my pickup then someone would get a beat down and this would replaced with the same model. Compared to other low cost pickups out there this one is not even lower but better sounding as well. My only complaint with the company is I wish they would come up with names for their models instead of numbers and letters. "Hotrod" would of been a great name for my model. But on one last note there is nothing to really hate about it.. For any musician with low end gear I would invest in this for one hell of an upgrade. For those of you with high end guitars... I would still get one... who knows you may like it.

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