M6 Brigde review by Lundgren

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.8 (4 votes)
Lundgren: M6 Brigde

Price paid: € 159

Purchased from: Lundgren Guitar Pickups

Sound — 10
This is a passive Lundgren M6 brige pickup. The Lundgren pickups were made famous by Meshuggah which use the M7 and M8 models for their 7 and 8-strings. This is a 6-string model based on the M7 and M8. The sound is jaw dropping... a great bass response and defined highes. It's really balanced and clean on any gain level that I've used, has small amounts of hum and is quiet like a shadow ;). Being a passive pickup, it grarls out chunk like there's no tommorow. I've used it through my Randall RH150 head and cab, a Mesa Triple Rectifire, Peavey 6505 and some combo amps and it remained clear and defined on any amp setting. One of the things that you have to get used to is that this is a passive pickup so it's not as forgiving as an active pickup would be in terms of hammer-on's and pull-off's and it will require you to be precise. Also it's not really a pickup for cleans but it will deliver a classic clean tone... The thing that this monster is designed for is: low tuned distortion! You can expect the classical Meshuggah like sound that will rip through anything. It has a lot of sustain, keeps the harmonics in place, pinches ring out and let's you tune low as you can go on a 6-string. I tune to drop a and the pick up delivers a great, smashing tone that you could expect from a baritone or a 7-string. I would definitely suggest it for anyone that uses a low tuned 6-string guitar, loves a good meshuggalish chunk and want's a passive pickup instead of an active one

Overall Impression — 10
I love this pickup, it gave me the defined tone I wanted for my low tuning. It's installed in my Washburn D200E. The only "problem" with it is it's price. 159 or 229$ + shipping since you can ONLY buy it from Lundgren Guitar Pickups in Sweden. It is expensive but I guarantee that it's worth every penny:).

plus: * defined sound                minus: * price
      * clarity
      * awesome dirty tones
      * perfect for low tunnings

Reliability & Durability — 10
This pickup is like a tank with nuclear fuel, it's not leaving my guitar period and I will buy more of them for my future guitars, that's for sure. Had no problems with it to date. As for shipping it's really easy, just contact Lundgren Pickups and they'll give you the shipping details and instructions, as easy as that.

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    well, the reason why it's all 10 is because this pickup does what it's suposed to do rather well... it's not a pickup that's intended for clean but then again, you're not buying the M6 for it's clean possibilities... but I think you're right, I should have been more objective... my bad
    again, my bad 4 the ratings as for the genre, this pickup is designed for low tunned metal but i saw a lot of people use it for classical rock...
    ^ yeah, i hear bob seger is using them now. for real, thanks for the review. when i get the cash, i might try one or two of these.
    What sort of EQ does this have? How you describe it are you trying to say that it's kinda a smile shape, with decreased mids? Thanks
    Man you gave a good review of the Washburn D200E, why is this one all 10's? I'm sure these are great pickups but they are only passive and don't give very good clean tone. Despite this I would still want to check these out for my 7 string.
    Shit rating. good review though. You mention flaws. a small amount of hum. but its still there. 9 at highest. you also mention that it can only be bought online. isn't that a minus? only 10 i think it deserves is the impression. as it seems to astonish you. also you didn't mention genre. but other than that nice review. eccept ratings.
    sounds cool. but i play alot of clean guitar parts and i never really tune lower the d tuning so i dont think id get it. good review though.
    Have you tried the Lundgren THE ONE pickup? I'm playing in Eb tuning. Six string, Guild Bluesbird...like a Les Paul. I'm undecided between the Nazgul SD, M6 and the THE ONE.