SH-12 George Lynch Screamin' Demon Review

manufacturer: Seymour Duncan date: 10/26/2015 category: Pickups
Seymour Duncan: SH-12 George Lynch Screamin' Demon
This is one of the best neck pickups you could put in the neck position if you want to have a PAF with more attitude and great PAF dynamics. It's really a medium powered pickup, not meant for down tuning or black metal.
 Sound: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
SH-12 George Lynch Screamin' Demon Reviewed by: AJ6stringsting, on february 26, 2015
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Purchased from: Victor Litz

Sound: I bought two, one in 1997 and the other in 2004. The one from 1997 was first put in a Randy Rhoads/Jackson's bridge position, took it out and decided to put in my 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom's neck position. Rated at 10k Ohms with an Alnico magnet, this pickup was a dream come true. I wanted a more ballsier/meaner PAF pickup in the neck slot when I soloed... This pickup burns clean/semi evil. The Screamin' Demon is like a Pearl Gates with more attitude... With a tube screamer, we're talkin' Billy Gibbons pazzaz. When I lowered the volume knob to 5 on down, you can get a nice acoustic type tone like with a DiMarzio Humbucker From Hell or a DiMarzio Eric Johnson pickup.

The other guitar, I put it in a S,S,H configured Super Strat with a Fender Custom Shop Texas Special in the neck, a DragonFire Duo Rail (like an S.D. Cool Rail) and the Demon on the bridge. I wanted a guitar that would be more dynamic under heavy gained amps and this pickup burns with dynamics and versatility. Especially with a 7-way sound tap to, get a neck -bridge combo, on the 5-way switches #1 slot and all 3 pickups on the #2 position of a 5 way pickup selector switch. // 10

Reliability & Durability: One of the best pick up made. I don't care what brand a pick is, as long as it compliments, the wood of the body/neck well, the pots/caps in the guitars circuits, the effects board and amps. I put a Bill Lawrence XL-500 in the neck slot of my 1974 Gibson LPC, but went for the S.D. Screamin' Demon instead. On the Superstrat, the pickup gave me the classic George Lynch/Billy Gibbons stomp and complemented the (N) Texas Special and the DragonFire Duo Rail in the middle. On both guitars, the harmonics were easy to attain, palm muting was dynamic and in both guitars, the legato and staccato picking were full sounding and robust. // 10

Overall Impression: I run my signal: guitar to a S.D. Pickup Booster, VHT Valvulator, Boss GE-7 band EQ, DigiTech RP-12, RP-1, a rack with two 31 band EQ, a 12 Parametric band EQ, a BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer and Hush/Rocktron Noise Reduction units into either my Carvin X-100B, VHT PittBull, Mesa Boogie Mark V or my DigiTech 2112 rack unit with Carvin or Crown power amps. This is one of the best neck pickups you could put in the neck position if you want to have a PAF with more attitude and great PAF dynamics. It's really a medium powered pickup, not meant for down tuning or black metal. // 10

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overall: 10
SH-12 George Lynch Screamin' Demon Reviewed by: howarddavidp, on october 26, 2015
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Purchased from: Atomic Music

Sound: AMAZING! I was shopping and trying a 59 and a PG, but when I heard this pickup, I knew I found what I was looking for. Great clean tones, not too much treble, but enough to cut through on the licks you want to. The chords sound almost like a 12-string, warm, smooth, but not too full that it sounds muffled. And the harmonics, it is a peer to my expensive Custom Shop 78 I have in the bridge. I never thought to try the SH12, but once I did, that was my neck pickup for my Ibby Prestige. It si hard to find a pickup that has all the tones you want, when you want them, but this pickups seems to be able to do just that. When you play down low, you want to aggressive mids and lows, but not so much that you sound muddy, and that is exactly what you get here, clean mids and lows, never any muddiness. Usually when you get the great lows, you have to give up something, which is usually you high end sound. However it was done, this pickup seems to not lose anything up top to achieve the great lows. This tonal range works equally well for both clean and distorted channels, amazing that 1 pickup can sound like 2 in the same package. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I's a SD, so I know it will last. However, since mine came in used, I had some TLC to do. The previous owner trimmed the leads down to 4 inches, to I had to add back 10 inches to them and do it right since I did not have a lot to work with. Then I had to remake the outer insulation with some heat tubing, and I also might have to fix the ribbon around the outside. Since it came to me in a throw-away guitar, I did not expect it to be perfect. But, with 15 mins of love, it was back to normal. The sound never faltered even with all the neglect. Mine measures out a 9.98 Ohm, has 4 wires, and is labeled 12 BJ on the bottom. // 10

Overall Impression: So, I didn't pay $199 for it, I got a complete Ibby EX series that came with this in the neck, and I never even knew it. I bought the Ibby for the parts, and never expected to get a SD pickup. So, I was glad when I saw this SD, yet I never heard of or even considered a SH12, I was looking for either a 59 or a PG for the neck position I was trying to fill. Once I rehab-ed this pickup, I wanted to test it to make sure I wired it properly, and I wound up playing for over an hour on my test guitar because this pickup really surprised me. Since I have been a die-hard EVH fan, I never really cared for this Lynch based pickup, but now I might even listen to a Dokken album just to see who backed this great pickup! I you have not heard or considered one of these, you should, you will be missing out if you don't. // 10

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