SHR-1 Hot Rails Review

manufacturer: Seymour Duncan date: 02/04/2008 category: Pickups
High output single-coil-size "rails" humbucker. Great for classic rock, garage, punk, heavy rock, thrash, classic metal and nu-metal.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 10
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overall: 9.3
SHR-1 Hot Rails Reviewed by: darkarbiter7, on february 04, 2008
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Purchased from: eBay

Sound: I believe around the 16k mark last time I checked. I (had) it on my Strat, running into my Peavey classic. The tone is bassy and crunchy, with a rolled off top end. But it was in the bridge position, so it automatically had a trebly bite although the pickup itself was bassy. Overall sound was quite good, but real bad for finger picking (picked up a lot of noise when your fingers hit the strings). // 9

Reliability & Durability: It's a pickup. This one seemed pretty durable. It's a nice fiberboard bobbin, and the windings were potted and wrapped well. It's a pickup, the chances are pretty low for it to die right on stage. I think I've dropped it several times before (I took it out and replaced it several times), and still worked fine. and all the solder joints were solid. // 10

Overall Impression: It's pretty darn good. It's great for nirvana and such, and it does it's job well. However, tone freaks probably will think a fullsize humbucker would be better. I think the hotrails has a bit more of a classic metal crunch aside from a lot of humbuckers that I've tried. But, that may just be me. Overall, a 9. Although the sound is good, some people may not like it. This isn't a one size fits all pickup. It picks up too much of the strings to fingerpick with, and may not be a good choice if you want a fendery tone. This won't give you a fendery tone. This'll give you a good Iron Maiden tone though. It'll sound inbetween a les paul and a strat sort of. This can be a bad thing or a good thing. // 9

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