SJBJ-1 JB Jr Review

manufacturer: Seymour Duncan date: 02/06/2012 category: Pickups
Seymour Duncan: SJBJ-1 JB Jr
Seymour Duncan's JB Jr. SJBJ-1 packages the tone of Duncan's hugely successful JB humbucker into a single-coil-sized pickup.
 Sound: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 8.5
 Reliability & Durability: 9.3
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overall: 7.3
SJBJ-1 JB Jr Reviewed by: :..*lazy*..:, on june 04, 2008
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Price paid: $ 61

Purchased from:

Sound: This pickup's output is good- It rsponds to everything, so it is great for harmonics (I mainly play touch harmonics- this makes them sound great! ) I use a Marshall MG15DFX with a EHX knockout pedal and a Behringer UD100. With the Behringer I can get any sound from Brit Blues to Heavy metal. It has a lot of treble and quite a bit of bass and mids. Sometimes it can get a bit weedy if you turn the treble up too high though. It can be used in any position, but I would use it in the bridge for a great solo sound. It is a singlecoil sized humbucker with adjustable polepieces, so don't try and place it in your Les Paul!! // 7

Reliability & Durability: This pickup will last for ages- I have gigged with it already and it still works. It still provides the tone it gave me from the start. Only a nuke or a toddler can stop this beast from working. Great durability. It has a thick plastic casing around it that cannot be removed to increase the durability. My only problem is that the circuit board in printed directly under the pickup- if it gets damaged, the pickup might stop working. This can be a real problem if you store this in a workshop or you are heavy handed. Take care or you might be 61 pounds out of pocket! // 8

Overall Impression: The thing I love about this pickup is the adjustable polepieces- you can really fine tune each of them to what you want with a screwdriver. Want more response from your top strings? Just use a screwdriver. One thing I hate is when I put this in my Squier Affinity Strat the instructions showed my pickup selector as something different, so that was unhelpful and now my tone control for it doesn't work. It sounds a little bit weedy but mess around with the amp EQ and it will sound great. I put this in the bridge and it sounds awesome. If you want a solo ready humbucker for your strat, get this one. // 7

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overall: 7.7
SJBJ-1 JB Jr Reviewed by: monkey_dancer, on january 27, 2011
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Sound: I'm using this pickup in the neck position of a Fender Jaguar, which goes into: Smallsound/Bigsound TAFM-Devi Ever Disaster Fuzz-DOD FX35-EHX Small Stone-Ibanez CS505-EHX Deluxe Memory Man-Laney VC15. I had it in the bridge position for a while, and I found it too piercing and trebly, with no real warmth. In the neck, however, it's warm and smooth, without being too bassy or muddy. It has a pretty moderate output, matched very well in level with the Seymour Duncan SJAG-2 I have in the bridge position. Both pickups together sounds nice too; reduced volume and a chimey quality. I prefer the pickup for clean tones, because with distortion it does tend to get muddy when playing chords, though single notes sound quite nice and full. // 7

Reliability & Durability: It seems very well constructed, like all Seymour Duncan products I've had experience with: the casing is solid and the wires well fixed into it. The pickup came installed in my guitar when I bought it, and I've used it heavily for gigs for a year since then with no problems at all. // 9

Overall Impression: The sound being muddy on distorted settings is a bit annoying, and I have considered replacing it with a single coil for a brighter sound, but I do like how the pickup sounds into a clean amp, and having a big difference in tone between the neck and bridge pickups does add versatility. // 7

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overall: 10
SJBJ-1 JB Jr Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 12, 2012
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Price paid: £ 61

Purchased from: Guitar, Amp and Keyboard

Sound: The Seymour Duncan JB Jr. is the smaller version of the full size JB Humbucker. This version of the JB is designed for a single coil sized position. It's a moderate output mini-humbucker that can do a range of styles and sounds. I've got the JB for my Squier Stratocaster and it's fitted in the bridge position. I'm using this with a Marshall solid state MG15DFX, Boss DS-1 Distortion, EHX Big Muff Pi and an EHX Small Clone Chorus. Overall, the sound is pretty balanced, but more on the trebly side. It's by no means a muddy or overly bassy pickup. Starting with clean, it's a nice and resonant clean like you get from single coils but with that humbucker kick to it. There's some good crunchy sounds, either with full gain with the volume backed off or with a small amount of gain. This pickup cleans up really well using the volume control which I like. Although it isn't a full size humbucker, some of the Drive tones sound exact to a full size humbucker which I think is really impressive. With higher gain settings it handles it just like any other dual coil pickup, with all the punch and aggression. Being quite a trebly pickup, you can here all the notes and everything separates really well. You don't get some notes just turn into sludgy sounds like you get with some humbuckers on high gain. For Nirvana, which is what I play, this is ideal as their guitar sound was sometimes relatively trebly and also the guitarist, Kurt Cobain sometimes used JB's in his Strats. Overall, some brilliant sounds from this pickup which I did expect, because it is from one of the best pickup companies, Seymour Duncan! // 10

Reliability & Durability: I think this section is in some ways slightly pointless. Obviously I depend on it otherwise I wouldn't of got it and yes it should last a long time. People buy pickups for the sound don't they? Not the durability. But Yes, they are reliable- and that seems almost a fact. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, I just love this pickup. The day I got this put in I was so happy because I'd got the guitar last Christmas, not really even thinking of getting rid of the bridge single coil pickup and because for what I play, I use quite high gain so obviously I had horrible buzz etc. I didn't like playing the guitar because of this and it seemed like such a shame. The guitar sat in the case for a couple of months. Then I saw this and bought it and got it fitted. It felt really worth it and now I play this guitar pretty much all the time out of the 4 I've got. I really love this pickup's versatility as well. Overall, I think if your after something to get your Strat or Tele a bit more suitable for heavier styles then get this, it's brilliant sounding and is good for lots of things. // 10

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overall: 10
SJBJ-1 JB Jr Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 06, 2012
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Price paid: £ 70

Purchased from: Guitar, Amp and Keyboard

Sound: This pickup is the single coil sized version of the full size JB. I would say it is a moderate output pickup. I'm using it with a Marshall MG15DFX with a BOSS DS-1, EHX Big Muff and an EHX Small Clone running through it. I've got it in the bridge position of my Squier Standard Strat. It really is a nice pickup. I mostly play Nirvana's stuff, but do also play some metal type stuff like Avenged Sevenfold and also some Metallica. It is more on the trebly side of things but for Nirvana this is almost key to most of their stuff and sounds brilliant for it. For the heavier stuff I just set the amp to that "Scooped" sound and it really does shine. You just get such a brilliant, warm sound from it with so much tonal colour to it. Cleans can be soft if you want them to be but with some tweaking of the controls you get some so much tonal possibility. Overdrives can be from bluesy crunch to Metallica sort of metal. You can easily get a precise sound with some minor tweaking of controls which is something I really like. This pickup is extremely versatile. I use this pickup 99% of the time out of the 3 pickups on the guitar. Although I do like single coils as well this pickup just made my guitar so much better. // 10

Reliability & Durability: It's Seymour Duncan! Of course it will last. It isn't really in a position where it is going to get broken so I have no worries. I can't see anything happening to it. // 10

Overall Impression: When I got my Strat last Christmas I didn't really have much knowledge of the sound single coils produce. So when I plugged it in I wasn't really fussed that it was different to humbuckers but then I realised I needed something to really get that true humbucker overdrive tone. I saw this but was opting for the HOT Rails. I saw some reviews on both of them and people said that tonally, the JB is better and has a more full sound. I got this installed as soon as I could and have since played my Strat the most out of the four guitars I own. Overall, I am very, very happy I got this and I just love the sounds I can get. I really do recommend this pickup. // 10

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