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Paris Jackson Recalls Her Starstruck Meeting With Alice Cooper [ community feed ] 23/03/2017
Kenny Hansen And Jeff Pilson (Foreigner) on ‘Nights With Alice Cooper [ community feed ] 21/03/2017
Nita Strauss: The Biggest Lesson I've Learned From Working With Alice Cooper [ music news ] 13/02/2017
Watch: Jim Carrey Joins Alice Cooper Onstage, Rocks the House [ music news ] 08/01/2017
Alice Cooper's Guitarist Nita Strauss: How to Approach Playing in a Band With 3 Guitarists [ interviews ] 13/12/2016
Alice Cooper's Guitarist Nita Strauss: I Learned Everything From UG When I Was a Kid [ music news ] 10/12/2016
Alice Cooper: Why Rock Musicians Should Stay as Far Away From Politics as Possible [ music news ] 04/08/2016
Alice Cooper on Axl Joining AC/DC: 'I Thought It Was April Fool's Thing!' [ music news ] 18/04/2016
Alice Cooper Guitarist Nita Strauss: 'No One Ever Tried to Fuck Me for Me to Get a Gig' [ music news ] 09/11/2015
Kirk Hammett, Alice Cooper and Corey Taylor to Star in 'History of Metal and Horror' Documentary [ music news ] 10/10/2015
Session Guitarist Steve Hunter Wins Royalty Fight for Aerosmith, Alice Cooper Collaborations [ music news ] 30/09/2015
Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp's Hollywood Vampires Announce Live Shows, Add Guns N' Roses Rhythm Section to Line-Up [ music news ] 13/08/2015
Alice Cooper Details 'Hollywood Vampires' Album Featuring Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl and Johnny Depp [ new releases ] 06/08/2015
Alice Cooper's Band Once Got Into Bar Brawl With Kasabian Over Iraq War [ wtf? ] 28/07/2015
Alice Cooper: Mumford & Sons Proved Me Wrong, They Rock [ music news ] 21/07/2015
Alice Cooper Talks Working With Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl and Brian Johnson [ music news ] 21/04/2015
Paul McCartney Collaborating With Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper's New Supergroup [ music news ] 06/03/2015
Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry Have Formed a Band [ music news ] 15/02/2015
Alice Cooper's Covers Album Features Who's Who of Stars [ new releases ] 11/02/2015
Alice Cooper Offers to Kill Motley Crue [ music news ] 30/01/2015
Alice Cooper Sounds Off on Copycat Artists [ music news ] 10/10/2014
Alice Cooper to Release 'Raise the Dead – Live From Wacken' [ music news ] 26/08/2014
Could Alice Cooper's New Guitarist End Up in Playboy Magazine? [ wtf? ] 14/07/2014
Alice Cooper: 'Foo Fighters Are One of the Only Rock Bands Out There' [ music news ] 17/10/2013
Alice Cooper Says His Current Tour Is 'Highest-Energy Show' Fans Will See All Year [ music news ] 27/08/2013
Lick Library Launch 'Learn to Play Alice Cooper' [ music news ] 09/08/2013
Alice Cooper: 'Mumford & Sons Are an Offense to Rock N' Roll' [ music news ] 11/07/2013
Alice Cooper on New Bands: 'They Usually Look Like Six Guys From the Mall' [ music news ] 07/06/2013
Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson Unveil Detail of 'Masters of Madness' Tour [ music news ] 07/05/2013
Alice Cooper Reunited With Stolen 'Wayne's World' Jacket [ wtf? ] 03/04/2013
Alice Cooper And Marilyn Manson Announce 2013 Tour [ music news ] 11/03/2013
Former Alice Cooper Guitarist Steve Hunter In Hospital [ music news ] 11/11/2012
Alice Cooper Returns To Scene Of First UK Crime [ music news ] 27/10/2012
Alice Cooper: 'Young Rock Bands Should Be More Like Lady Gaga' [ wtf? ] 23/10/2012
Alice Cooper Drummer And Steel Panther Played Van Halen's 'Hot For Teacher' [ music news ] 30/09/2012
Alice Cooper Invites Johnny Depp On Tour [ music news ] 16/08/2012
Alice Cooper Explains His Admiration For Lady Gaga [ music news ] 19/06/2012
Alice Cooper On Today's Rock Bands: 'Where Is The Fire?' [ music news ] 14/06/2012
Dylan, Alice Cooper And Green Day Songs Set To Feature In 'Glee' [ new releases ] 19/04/2012
Alice Cooper Archives In LA Broken Into [ music news ] 30/03/2012
Alice Cooper Receives Doctor Of Music Honors [ music news ] 19/03/2012
Alice Cooper To Give College Commencement Address [ music news ] 16/03/2012
Alice Cooper Featured On New EP By His Son's Band [ music news ] 27/01/2012
Alice Cooper Buying Gaga A Bible [ music news ] 15/12/2011
Alice Cooper Guitarist Came To The Institute And Conquered! [ music news ] 09/12/2011
Original Alice Cooper Band Drummer: 'I Was Disappointed In Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Because It Took Them So Long To Nominate Us' [ interviews ] 25/11/2011
Alice Cooper Guitarist Dick Wagner Beats Paralysis, Makes Comeback [ music news ] 14/11/2011
Alice Cooper To Headline Bloodstock 2012 [ music news ] 09/11/2011
Alice Cooper To Appear In Vampire Movie [ music news ] 28/10/2011
Alice Cooper Offers His Solution To The Drug Problem [ music news ] 26/10/2011