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Frank Bello Says Jon Donais Is ‘A Great Addition To Anthrax [ community feed ] 29/04/2017
Anthrax’s Frank Bello Calls Metallica ‘The Biggest Band In The World’ [ community feed ] 27/04/2017
Joey Belladonna About Being Anthrax Lead Singer [ community feed ] 27/04/2017
Guitarist Dan Spitz: Why I Left Anthrax [ music news ] 26/04/2017
Anthrax Playing Kansas’s Classic Song ‘Carry On Wayward Son’ For The First Time (Video) [ community feed ] 24/04/2017
Watch: Joey Belladonna of Anthrax Performing ‘Holy Diver’ With Killswitch Engage [ community feed ] 24/04/2017
Anvil's Steve 'Lips' Kudlow Talks About Charlie Benante and Joey Belladonna of Anthrax [ community feed ] 20/04/2017
Killswitch Engage With Joey Belladonna of Anthrax Performing ‘Holy Diver’ (Fan-Filmed Footage) [ community feed ] 13/04/2017
Metal Maya Festival: Anthrax, Superjoint, Overkill, Death Angel and More [ community feed ] 12/04/2017
Interview: Charlie Benante Of Anthrax [ community feed ] 12/04/2017
The Damned Things (Feat. Anthrax, Every Time I Die Members) Teases New Song [ community feed ] 12/04/2017
Anthrax - Philadelphia Show Fan-Filmed Footage Available [ community feed ] 09/04/2017
Anthrax’s Reissued Version of 'State Of Euphoria' Will Include Bonus Disc Of Demos, Rehearsal Recordings [ community feed ] 05/04/2017
Anthrax Is Willing to Play More 'Big Four' Concerts With Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth [ community feed ] 05/04/2017
Anthrax’s Charlie Benante Presents New Paiste Colorsound Cymbals (Video) [ community feed ] 03/04/2017
Scott Ian of Anthrax: ‘Mike Patton For President Sounds Good’ [ community feed ] 02/04/2017
Ex Anthrax Guitarist and Ex Journey Drummer to Join in a New Band [ community feed ] 02/04/2017
Anthrax's Cover of Kansas Classic 'Carry on Wayward Son' Streaming [ community feed ] 30/03/2017
Anthrax’s Chrarlie Benante: ‘Sometime This Summer We Could Work on New Material’ [ community feed ] 30/03/2017
Anthrax Vocalist Joey Belladonna - 'Among The Living Is One Of Those Records You Can Listen To From Top To Bottom' [ community feed ] 30/03/2017
Anthrax’s Joey Belladonna Talks About The Band’s Enduring Popularity [ community feed ] 27/03/2017
Anthrax's Scott Ian: What Was It Like to Drink With Dimebag Darrell [ wtf? ] 26/03/2017
Anthrax's Joey Belladonna Interview With Metal Express Radio [ community feed ] 21/03/2017
Charlie Benante From Anthrax on ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ [ community feed ] 20/03/2017
Frank Bello: Anthrax Would Love to Work With Lady Gaga [ community feed ] 20/03/2017
Anthrax Drummer Charlie Benante to Play on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers' [ community feed ] 20/03/2017
Anthrax's Scott Ian: Our First Album Is Our Worst One [ music news ] 16/03/2017
Anthrax's Bello Reacts to Fans Saying Playing Classic Albums in Full Is Cashgrab [ music news ] 23/02/2017
Anthrax Drummer Charlie Benante: 'I Find the Lack of Really Good Records Nowadays Disturbing' [ music news ] 20/02/2017
Anthrax Bassist Frank Bello to Musicians: Stay Out of Politics! [ music news ] 14/02/2017
Anthrax's Scott Ian Blown Away By Lady Gaga's Superbowl Performance, Invites Her to Make a Metal Album [ music news ] 06/02/2017
Anthrax Post 'Suzerain' Lyric Video [ music news ] 21/12/2016
The Damned Things, Anthrax/Fall Out Boy/Every Time I Die Supergroup, Recording New EP [ new releases ] 13/12/2016
Altitudes & Attitude, Megadeth/Anthrax Supergroup, Recording New Material [ new releases ] 30/11/2016
Watch: Anthrax Frontman Rocks the National Anthem at Chicago Bulls Game [ music news ] 15/11/2016
Corey Taylor Remembers Being Banned From Joining Anthrax: 'So Pissed!' [ music news ] 24/10/2016
Slayer's Kerry King on Anthrax Collaboration with Public Enemy: 'I Hated It and They Know It' [ music news ] 20/09/2016
Here's Anthrax Covering Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb' [ music news ] 17/09/2016
Here's Slayer and Anthrax Covering Bryan Adams' 'Summer of 69' [ wtf? ] 14/09/2016
Frank Bello: Metallica 'Saved' Anthrax With Big 4 Shows [ music news ] 13/09/2016
Anthrax Was Formed on This Day 35 Years Ago, Here's What They Named as Biggest Achievement [ music news ] 18/07/2016
Anthrax Bassist: What's It Like to Be in Cockpit When Bruce Dickinson Is Landing a Plane [ music news ] 22/06/2016
Charlie Benante: 'For All Kings' Could Be Final Anthrax Album [ music news ] 16/06/2016
Anthrax's Ian: Johnny Cash Is Much Darker and Harder Than Black Metal [ music news ] 23/03/2016
Turns Out Anthrax Are Playing to Much Smaller Crowds Than You Might Think [ music news ] 10/02/2016
Anthrax Hit With $1 Million Lawsuit for Ripping Off Hanukkah Sweater [ music news ] 06/02/2016
Anthrax's Scott Ian Wants Phil Anselmo to Prove He's Sorry About Nazi Salute, Suggests How [ music news ] 01/02/2016
Anthrax Drummer: Why the Hell Do Music Fans Act Like This on the Internet?! [ music news ] 10/01/2016
Fresh Stuff: Anthrax Premiere New Song 'Breathing Lightning' [ new releases ] 04/01/2016
Anthrax's Scott Ian: Everything in Metal Is Just a Derivative of Tony Iommi's Riffs [ music news ] 03/01/2016