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Bruce Dickinson: What Would I Have Done Had Cancer Robbed Me of My Singing Voice [ music news ] 12/12/2017
Bruce Dickinson: How I Reacted When Doctors Told Me I Had Cancer [ music news ] 07/12/2017
Bruce Dickinson: Why I Left Iron Maiden in 1993 [ music news ] 05/12/2017
Bruce Dickinson: First Iron Maiden Album Sounds Like Shit [ music news ] 04/12/2017
Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson: That Time Johnny Cash Asked Me for an Autograph for His Daughter [ music news ] 15/11/2017
Bruce Dickinson: How I Got My Nickname From a Trolling Fan [ music news ] 09/11/2017
Bruce Dickinson Explains Importance of Playing New Material Live [ music news ] 04/11/2017
Bruce Dickinson Reveals How Cancer Changed his Perception of Life and Death [ music news ] 02/11/2017
Bruce Dickinson: Why I Don't Prefer Seeing People My Age at Iron Maiden Concerts [ music news ] 30/10/2017
Bruce Dickinson: The Secret Behind Iron Maiden's Longevity [ music news ] 27/10/2017
Bruce Dickinson on Feud With Osbournes: Ozzy is an Icon, I Just Don' Like Reality TV Shows [ music news ] 23/10/2017
Bruce Dickinson raises Awareness of Throat Cancer [ community feed ] 17/10/2017
As Lions (Feat. Bruce Dickinson's Son) Release 'Selfish Age' Music Video [ community feed ] 14/08/2017
Blaze Bayley: What Did Bruce Dickinson Think of Me When I Was in Iron Maiden [ community feed ] 09/08/2017
Watch: Here's Bruce Dickinson Piloting a WWII Bomber [ music news ] 18/07/2017
Bruce Dickinson on Manchester Bombing: The Biggest Response We Can Give Them Is Love & RnR [ music news ] 27/05/2017
Watch: Ex-Samson and Iron Maiden Drummer On Bruce Dickinson’s Voice In The Early Days [ community feed ] 26/04/2017
Bruce Dickinson Will Pay Late Wages To The Staff Of Aviation Company Out Of His Own Pocket [ community feed ] 16/04/2017
Bruce Dickinson Upset With Loss of Vital Venues for Bands [ music news ] 03/04/2017
Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden Condemns Closure Of Small Music Venues In U.K. [ community feed ] 31/03/2017
Watch: Bruce Dickinson's Son's Band as Lions Unveils New Song 'Bury My Dead' [ music news ] 14/01/2017
Watch: Bruce Dickinson's Son Fronts FFDP as Replacement for Ivan Moody [ music news ] 07/12/2016
Class Act: Bruce Dickinson Shaves Hockey Players' Heads for Cancer Charity [ music news ] 22/11/2016
Bruce Dickinson: How I Reacted When Doctor Told Me I Had Cancer [ music news ] 06/10/2016
Bruce Dickinson: The Bizarre Story of How I Wrote 'Empire of the Clouds' Thanks to Jamie Oliver [ wtf? ] 04/10/2016
Bruce Dickinson's Son's Band Releasing Album in 2 Weeks, Here's What They Sound Like [ new releases ] 30/09/2016
Bruce Dickinson on Music Industry's Response to Piracy: 'They Tried to Arrest Their Whole Consumer Base.' [ music news ] 10/09/2016
That Time Bruce Dickinson Demanded Refund From a Hooker After Poor-Quality Handjob [ wtf? ] 14/07/2016
Anthrax Bassist: What's It Like to Be in Cockpit When Bruce Dickinson Is Landing a Plane [ music news ] 22/06/2016
'You Fucking Come Backstage and I'll Sort You Out Myself!' Bruce Dickinson Owns Douchebag at Australian Iron Maiden Gig [ music news ] 16/05/2016
This Week in Iron Maiden Dancing: Bruce Dickinson Does the Monkey [ music news ] 20/04/2016
Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Talks Touring in the Face of Terrorism: Don't Back Down From Living Your Life [ music news ] 18/04/2016
Bruce Dickinson Is Investing Into World's Largest Aircraft That Will Be Used for Great Humanitarian Missions [ music news ] 03/03/2016
Bruce Dickinson's Personal Plane Flew an Endangered Turtle to Spain [ music news ] 11/02/2016
Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Is Working on a New Solo Album [ new releases ] 09/12/2015
Bruce Dickinson on Seeing The Iron Maidens: 'I Told Steve, 'Looking at Them, Would You Fuck Yourself?'' [ music news ] 03/12/2015
Bruce Dickinson Says You Should Really, Really Check Out This Early Led Zeppelin Show [ music news ] 12/10/2015
Bruce Dickinson: 'Standing There Looking Beautiful Is Not Performing. Performing Comes From Engaging' [ music news ] 01/10/2015
Bruce Dickinson: 'The Better Musician You Are, the Easier it Is to Make Soulless, Rubbish Music' [ music news ] 27/09/2015
Bruce Dickinson: 'Lady Gaga Is Great, She's Got a Belter of a Voice' [ music news ] 26/09/2015
Bruce Dickinson Says First Maiden Album 'Sounded Like a Sack of Shit' [ music news ] 19/09/2015
Bruce Dickinson Recorded Entire New Maiden Album With Cancer, And Only Then Had It Diagnosed [ music news ] 16/09/2015
Bruce Dickinson: I Regret Not Punching Axl Rose, How Could He Dare Speak to My Audience That Way?! [ music news ] 07/09/2015
Bruce Dickinson: 'I Don't Even Know How to Access Twitter' [ music news ] 07/09/2015
Bruce Dickinson Got His Tongue Cancer From Eating Vagina [ wtf? ] 02/09/2015
Bruce Dickinson: Celebrities Who Are Famous for Being Stupid Seem to Have More Value Than People With Real Talent [ music news ] 01/09/2015
Bruce Dickinson Hopes 'Book of Souls' Is Not Last Iron Maiden Album [ music news ] 31/08/2015
Bruce Dickinson Sets Up Private Jet Pop-Up Shop in London Department Store [ music news ] 20/08/2015
Bruce Dickinson Opens Up on Cancer Treatment: 'You're Being Cooked From Inside Out' [ music news ] 17/08/2015
Bruce Dickinson Forced to Make Emergency Landing With His War Plane [ music news ] 10/08/2015