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Watch: Ex Megadeth’s Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover Playing Metallica And Motörhead Songs [ community feed ] 28/04/2017
Chris Broderick: I Really Believe I Play Guitar for Different Reason Than Other Guitarists [ music news ] 12/01/2017
Chris Broderick: 'If You're Not Onstage Playing Your Own Music, Why Are You Here?' [ music news ] 27/06/2016
Chris Broderick Talks His Megadeth Days + Ideas That Ended Up on Act of Defiance Record [ interviews ] 24/05/2016
UG Exclusive: Chris Broderick Offers Guitar Playthrough of 'Disastrophe' [ features ] 24/05/2016
Chris Broderick: Why You Should Consider Playing a 7-String Guitar [ music news ] 23/12/2015
Four Years Ago, This Young Guitarist Made Video Lessons for UG, Now Chris Broderick Wants Him in His New Band [ music news ] 24/08/2015
Chris Broderick: The Direction of 'Super Collider' Was Wrong, Too Much Commercialism [ music news ] 23/08/2015
Dave Mustaine Didn't Allow Chris Broderick to Use 7-String Guitar in Megadeth [ music news ] 30/07/2015
Shred Mania: Watch Chris Broderick and Gus G Teach Each Other Shred Licks [ wtf? ] 28/07/2015
Chris Broderick on Quitting Megadeth: 'It's So Liberating to Be Able to Artistically Express Myself' [ music news ] 24/06/2015
Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover's New Band to Be Called Act of Defiance, Song Sample Available [ new releases ] 26/02/2015
Shadows Fall Guitarist Matt Bachand Joins New Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover Band [ music news ] 27/01/2015
Former Megadeth Members Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover Forming a New Band [ wtf? ] 19/12/2014
Chris Broderick on Leaving Megadeth: I Wanted Creative Freedom [ music news ] 18/12/2014
Chris Broderick Quits Megadeth Hours After Shawn Drover's Departure [ music news ] 26/11/2014
Chris Broderick: 'I'm Sure Some of My Stuff May Have Sounded Horrible But I Liked It' [ interviews ] 09/06/2014
Chris Broderick on New Megadeth Record: 'I Think It's Awesome Because It's So Diverse' [ new releases ] 24/05/2013
Mustaine: 'Chris Broderick Is The Best Guitarist I've Ever Played With' [ music news ] 08/03/2013
Chris Broderick: 'There's A Lot Of Reward In Teaching' [ interviews ] 21/12/2011
Broderick Doesn't Share Mustaine And Ellefson's Christian Beliefs [ interviews ] 14/11/2011
Megadeth Guitarist Chris Broderick Interviewed At Finland's Tuska Festival [ interviews ] 21/07/2010