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Watch: 13-Year-Old Kid Covers Every Instrument on Metallica's 'Orion,' Kills It [ music news ] 20/07/2017
Kerry King: What's My Favorite Metallica Song of All Time [ music news ] 20/07/2017
Data Porn: Here's an Infographic of Every Song Metallica Ever Played Between 1982-2012 [ music news ] 19/07/2017
Metallica: Why We Cut Our Hair [ music news ] 19/07/2017
5 Things in Which Megadeth Beats Metallica [ music news ] 18/07/2017
Watch: Metallica Replaces Lars With a Little Girl Live in Concert [ music news ] 15/07/2017
Lars Ulrich: The Metallica Song Fans Request to Hear Live the Most [ music news ] 14/07/2017
4 Biggest Myths and Lost Facts About Metallica Songs [ music news ] 14/07/2017
James Hetfield: My Favorite Moment During Metallica Shows These Days [ music news ] 13/07/2017
Kirk Hammett: How I Feel About Not Contributing a Single Note to Latest Metallica Album [ music news ] 12/07/2017
A7X: What's It Like Opening for Metallica [ music news ] 05/07/2017
Lars Ulrich: What Metallica Learned From Lou Reed [ music news ] 03/07/2017
James Hetfield: Why Metallica 'Sold Out' [ music news ] 27/06/2017
Metal Blade Founder: What Really Happened During Metallica's Grammy Performance [ music news ] 26/06/2017
James Hetfield: How Metallica Chooses Its Opening Acts [ music news ] 23/06/2017
Lars Ulrich: Why Metallica Is Still Releasing Albums After All These Years [ music news ] 22/06/2017
Kirk Hammett Says the Point of His Solos on Latest Metallica Album Is Creating 'Organized Chaos' [ music news ] 20/06/2017
Volbeat Bassist: Touring With Metallica is Something ‘I Never Thought I Would Experience’ [ community feed ] 19/06/2017
Rob Trujillo: That Time in '93 I Got Into a Fight With Bandmate Onstage While Metallica Was Playing [ wtf? ] 19/06/2017
Gojira’s Joseph Duplantier Hopes Audience on their Shows with Metallica ‘Will See Something They've Never Seen Before’ [ community feed ] 19/06/2017
Metallica's Trujillo: 'Death Magnetic' Was a More Collaborative Album Than 'Hardwired' [ music news ] 16/06/2017
Watch: This Video of Grandpa Rocking Out to Metallica in Car Is the Greatest Thing Ever of the Day [ wtf? ] 15/06/2017
James Hetfield: What Makes Rob Trujillo the Right Choice for Metallica Bassist [ music news ] 14/06/2017
Conspiracy Theorist Releases a Detailed Explanation on How Metallica Is Connected to Illuminati [ wtf? ] 12/06/2017
Lars Ulriuch: How Metallica Unites Different People [ community feed ] 12/06/2017
Kirk Hammett Hoping Metallica Does Another Project Similar to 'S&M' [ music news ] 09/06/2017
Earnings & Attendance: Here's How Much Money Metallica, RHCP, Tool Are Grossing From Shows [ music news ] 08/06/2017
Rob Trujillo: Unlike Metallica, a Lot of Older Bands Lost Passion for Writing Music [ music news ] 08/06/2017
Jeremy Wagner of Broken Hope On How Metallica’s ‘Ride The Lightning’ Inspired Him To Become Metal Guitarist [ community feed ] 08/06/2017
Watch: Metallica Is Rehearsing 'Spit Out the Bone,' Here's What They Sound Like [ music news ] 07/06/2017
Paul Gilbert: Unfortunately, Blues Was Severed Out of Heavy Metal After Metallica [ interviews ] 05/06/2017
Lars: Metallica Will NOT Premiere 'Spit Out the Bone' During Stadium Shows [ music news ] 01/06/2017
Milestone: Metallica Officially Sold Over 1 Million Copies of 'Hardwired' in US Alone [ music news ] 01/06/2017
Watch: Metallica Just Premiered ANOTHER Official Video for 'Now That We're Dead' [ new releases ] 31/05/2017
New Linkin Park Album Is No. 1 on US Charts, Band Now Has as Much Chart-Toppers as Metallica [ new releases ] 29/05/2017
Documentary ‘Hired Gun’ (Feat. Members of Metallica, Kiss, Alice Cooper…) - Official Trailer Streaming [ community feed ] 26/05/2017
Kirk Hammett: What Would I Do If Metallica Ended [ music news ] 25/05/2017
Watch: Metallica Practicing 'Spit Out the Bone,' Lars Keeps Fucking Up [ music news ] 24/05/2017
Metallica Streaming ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ Footage From ‘Rock On The Range’ Performance [ community feed ] 24/05/2017
Lars Ulrich: How I Construct Setlists for Metallica Shows [ music news ] 23/05/2017
Metallica Shares Official Live Video Of ‘Fuel’ From Foxborough, Massachusetts [ community feed ] 23/05/2017
Kirk Hammett: What Keeps Metallica Angry Despite Being Middle-Aged Millionaires [ music news ] 22/05/2017
Metallica Wins ‘Top Rock Album’ At Billboard Music Awards [ community feed ] 22/05/2017
Watch: Rob Trujillo Pays Tribute to Chris Cornell With Bass Solo During Metallica Show [ music news ] 21/05/2017
Metallica Streaming Official Live Footage Of ‘Hardwired’ At Uniondale, New York [ community feed ] 21/05/2017
Lars Ulrich: What Surprises Me the Most About Fan Reactions to Latest Metallica Album [ music news ] 20/05/2017
Metallica: Fan-Filmed Footage From Uniondale, New York [ community feed ] 19/05/2017
Metallica Streaming Official 'Halo on Fire' Live Footage From East Rutherford Show [ community feed ] 19/05/2017
Lars Ulrich: How I Feel About Metallica Fans Being So Super Possessive [ music news ] 17/05/2017
Watch: Metallica on 'Stephen Colbert' Performing 'Now That We're Dead' [ community feed ] 17/05/2017