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Gary Holt: Ted Nugent Is a Total Idiot and One of My Favorite Guitarists Ever [ music news ] 25/09/2017
Tom Morello: What I Think About Ted Nugent [ music news ] 19/09/2017
Ted Nugent Slamms Sebastian Bach: 'It's True — The Guy Smokes so Much Dope!' [ community feed ] 06/09/2017
Ted Nugent: The One Reason Why I'm Not in the Rock Hall Yet [ music news ] 11/08/2017
Ted Nugent Vows to Tone Down 'Hateful Rhetoric': We All Have to Be More Respectful to the Other Side [ music news ] 17/06/2017
Ted Nugent About ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ 40th Anniversary [ community feed ] 17/05/2017
Ted Nugent Adds New Dates To Summer Tour Plans [ community feed ] 11/04/2017
Ted Nugent Adds New Dates to His Summer Tour [ community feed ] 03/04/2017
Ted Nugent Sides With Gene Simmons, Calls Prince Death 'Pathetic' [ music news ] 28/05/2016
Ted Nugent: Trump Is 'The Only Hope to End the Criminal Jihad by Our Own Punkass Government' [ music news ] 17/12/2015
Updated: Kid Rock and Ted Nugent Record New Song 'Kiss My Rebel A-s' [ music news ] 13/07/2015
Ted Nugent Reacts to Controversial Ferguson Ruling: 'Justice Is Served' [ music news ] 25/11/2014
Ted Nugent Observes Veterans Day With New 'Subhuman Mongrels' Rant [ wtf? ] 14/11/2014
Ted Nugent: 'A Plague of Black Violence Has Infested Our Inner Cities' [ wtf? ] 09/10/2014
Ted Nugent Warns of New Terrorist Attack: 'Americans, Ammo Up!' [ wtf? ] 08/09/2014
Ted Nugent and Sebastian Bach Trade Nasty 'Weak' Barbs [ music news ] 02/09/2014
Sebastian Bach to Ted Nugent: 'Being a Racist Is F--king Weak' [ music news ] 01/09/2014
Ted Nugent Slams Sebastian Bach as 'Weak' [ music news ] 01/09/2014
Ted Nugent: 'Tom Morello Claims to Be an Ultra-Liberal, But He's Actually a Lot Like Me' [ music news ] 30/08/2014
Ted Nugent: 'Maybe I Should Be More Mature, Maybe I Should Calm Down' [ music news ] 04/08/2014
Ted Nugent: 'Obama Hates Me, You and Freedom' [ wtf? ] 31/07/2014
Music Industry Experts to Ted Nugent: 'Shut Up or Risk Your Future' [ music news ] 29/07/2014
Ted Nugent Calls Racist Accusations 'A Clear Act of Desperation' [ music news ] 24/07/2014
Ted Nugent Moving to Mexico, Calls Obama 'Dumb Motherf--ker' [ wtf? ] 21/07/2014
Ted Nugent: 'I Don't Understand the People Who Hate Me' [ music news ] 17/07/2014
Former Guns N' Roses Drummer Calls Ted Nugent a 'Sick Individual' [ music news ] 14/07/2014
Ted Nugent: 'Jack White Lacks Soul, I'm Not Hearing a Tight Groove' [ music news ] 08/07/2014
Ted Nugent: 'If It Wasn't for My Politics, People Would Admit My Songs Are Masterpieces' [ music news ] 27/06/2014
Ted Nugent Details New Album 'Shutup&Jam,' Confirms July Release [ new releases ] 23/05/2014
Ted Nugent Set to Perform His 6,500th Live Show, Announces New Album and Tour [ new releases ] 03/04/2014
Ted Nugent Paid $16,000 Not to Perform at Festival in Texas [ wtf? ] 24/03/2014
Drive-By Truckers: 'Ted Nugent Is an Old A-shole' [ music news ] 21/03/2014
Ted Nugent Promises to 'Stop Calling People Names' [ wtf? ] 26/02/2014
Ted Nugent Apologizes for Calling Obama 'Subhuman Mongrel' [ music news ] 24/02/2014
Ted Nugent Takes Over VH1 Classic's 'That Metal Show' on February 8th [ wtf? ] 07/02/2014
Dave Mustaine Talks Signature Guitar: 'This Thing Will Stop Ted Nugent's Guitar!' [ music news ] 29/01/2014
Gary Holt to Young Guitarists: 'Learn to Play Like Ted Nugent Before You Play Like Yngwie' [ music news ] 05/11/2013
Ted Nugent: 'Americans Will Go Down in History as the Dumbest Society in the History of Humankind' [ music news ] 17/10/2013
Ted Nugent to Run for President? [ wtf? ] 16/10/2013
Ted Nugent's Wife Arrested at Airport for Bringing Gun Into Terminal [ wtf? ] 30/08/2013
Ted Nugent to Release Live Album [ new releases ] 06/08/2013
Ted Nugent Blaming Liberals for Detroit Bankruptcy [ music news ] 22/07/2013
Ted Nugent on Zimmerman Trial: 'The Only Racism That Night Was Perpetrated by Trayvon Martin' [ music news ] 17/07/2013
Ted Nugent: 'I Don't Write New Music, I Unleash It' [ music news ] 09/07/2013
Ted Nugent Named the Music's Biggest Joke [ wtf? ] 02/04/2013
Ted Nugent Returning To Studio After Six Years [ new releases ] 15/03/2013
Ted Nugent On Dictators: 'They Should Die' [ wtf? ] 07/03/2013
Ted Nugent Calls American Gun Owners 'Wonderful, Perfectly Safe And Harmless People' [ wtf? ] 07/02/2013
Did Ted Nugent Puke On Himself To Avoid Draft? [ wtf? ] 24/01/2013
Is Ted Nugent Dead? [ wtf? ] 11/01/2013