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Tom Morello: Am I Ever Going to Work With Zach De La Rocha Again [ music news ] 09/10/2017
Tom Morello: What I Learned From Being a Harvard Graduate [ music news ] 28/09/2017
Tom Morello: What I Think About Ted Nugent [ music news ] 19/09/2017
Tom Morello: This Was the Last Thing Chris Cornell Ever Told Me [ music news ] 18/09/2017
Tom Morello: The Thing I Never Liked About Metal. And I'm a Metal Fan [ music news ] 14/09/2017
Tom Morello: What's My Favorite Prophets of Rage Guitar Solo [ music news ] 05/09/2017
Tom Morello: There's a Part in 'Like a Stone' I Struggle Playing to This Day. Cornell Wrote It [ music news ] 02/09/2017
Tom Morello: The New Gear I Started Using When Playing With Prophets of Rage [ music news ] 31/08/2017
Tom Morello: I Named My First-Born Son Rhoads Morello in Honor of Randy Rhoads [ music news ] 24/08/2017
Tom Morello Wants All Monuments to Washington, Jefferson & Other 'Slave Owners' Taken Down [ music news ] 21/08/2017
Tom Morello's Distinctive Sound And Style [ features ] 18/08/2017
Tom Morello: How I Feel About Maynard Not Joining RATM Like He Was Supposed To [ music news ] 07/08/2017
Tom Morello: The Song That Got Us to Call Chris Cornell to Join Audioslave [ music news ] 03/08/2017
Tom Morello Reveals Favorite Pop Star, Guitar Solo, RHCP Guitarist, Cornell Memories & Much More [ music news ] 10/07/2017
Dimebag Darrell, Ritchie Blackmore and Now Tom Morello Are Now in the UG Wiki Artists [ ug news ] 16/06/2017
Tom Morello Shares New Track 'Keep Going' [ music news ] 20/04/2017
‘Metal Has No Color’ Event: Tom Morello, Corey Glover, Sound Barrier [ community feed ] 12/04/2017
Michael Angelo Batio: The Biggest Problem Tom Morello Had When I Was Giving Him Guitar Lessons [ music news ] 03/04/2017
Tom Morello Made a Guest Appearance on Chuck Berry's Final Album, This Is the Single [ new releases ] 22/03/2017
Tom Morello: New Prophets of Rage Album 'Will Be a Useful Counter-Offensive to What Is Going on Now' [ new releases ] 30/01/2017
Tom Morello: The Song That Inspired Me to Think Outside the Box as a Guitarist [ music news ] 02/01/2017
Tom Morello's Tone Templates [ music news ] 29/12/2016
Tom Morello Joins Forces With EDM Stars Knife Party on New Song, This Is What It Sounds Like [ new releases ] 08/09/2016
Tom Morello: 0% of Sound Is Gear, Gear Does NOT Matter at All! [ music news ] 03/08/2016
Tom Morello Compares Donald Trump to a 'Frat House Rapist' [ music news ] 23/06/2016
Tom Morello to Lead Concert Against Trans-Pacific Partnership [ music news ] 15/06/2016
Tom Morello: Why Zack De La Rocha Is NOT Involved With Prophets of Rage [ music news ] 08/06/2016
That Time Tom Morello Appeared in 'Star Trek' [ music news ] 24/05/2016
Tom Morello: What Rock N' Roll Is All About [ music news ] 14/03/2016
Tom Morello: 'I Named My First-Born Son After Randy Rhoads' [ music news ] 02/11/2015
Watch Roger Waters Play 'Comfortably Numb' With Tom Morello and Billy Corgan [ music news ] 19/10/2015
Check Out Footage of Geezer Butler, Tom Morello And, Uh... Ke$ha Playing With Hollywood Vampires [ music news ] 18/09/2015
For His New Album, Tom Morello Is 'Playing Guitar in Ways I Haven't Before, That Are Beyond What I've Done Before' [ new releases ] 23/07/2015
Tom Morello Interested in Playing With Chris Cornell Again: 'I Love That Guy' [ music news ] 18/07/2015
Tom Morello Working on 'Big Solo Rock' Record [ music news ] 25/06/2015
Ozzy Osbourne Forms Supergroup With Geezer Butler, Slash, and Tom Morello [ music news ] 19/06/2015
Tom Morello Working on 'Perverted, Unexplainable, Bastardized Guitar Mutant' Electronica Project [ new releases ] 15/06/2015
Tom Morello Launches 'Anti-Profit' Record Label [ music news ] 08/06/2015
Watch Tom Morello and Rush Perform Spinal Surgery on RATM Bassist Tim Commerford [ music news ] 02/06/2015
UG Showdown, Round 2: Tom Morello vs. Eric Clapton [ ug news ] 05/02/2015
Tom Morello and Serj Tankian Offer Peculiar Cover of 'Crazy Train' [ new releases ] 22/01/2015
UG Showdown, Round 1: Tom Morello vs. Angus Young [ ug news ] 18/12/2014
Tom Morello Praises 16-Year-Old Girl as 'One of the Best Drummers I Ever Heard' [ wtf? ] 25/10/2014
Tom Morello Wants His New Solo to Sound Like 'The Hendrix of Now' [ new releases ] 02/10/2014
Tom Morello Rips Seattle Restaurant After Being Denied Service, Gets a Steaming Reply From Owner [ music news ] 30/09/2014
Chris Cornell and Tom Morello Will Perform Together at a Charity Show [ music news ] 12/09/2014
Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello Debuts New Track 'Marching on Ferguson' [ music news ] 08/09/2014
Ted Nugent: 'Tom Morello Claims to Be an Ultra-Liberal, But He's Actually a Lot Like Me' [ music news ] 30/08/2014
RATM Status Update: Brad Wilk Moving on With New Band, Tom Morello Says He's Not to Blame for Inactivity [ music news ] 20/08/2014
Revolution Harmony's Charity Single 'Hello' Featuring Tom Morello and Steven Wilson Released [ music news ] 29/07/2014