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Acoustic Solo chords & tabs

Artist : Song : Rating : Type :
Eric Clapton Layla Acoustic tab pro
  Layla Acoustic Solo [ 15 ] tab
  Layla Acoustic Solo (ver 2) [ 3 ] tab
Avenged Sevenfold So Far Away Acoustic tab pro
  So Far Away Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: novice
[ 22 ] tab
  So Far Away Acoustic Solo (ver 2)  info
+ Difficulty: advanced
  Sidewinder Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: advanced

+ Tuning: D Tuning

[ 11 ] tab
Pierce the Veil Hold On Till May Acoustic tab pro
  Hold On Till May Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: intermediate
[ 12 ] tab
  Hold On Till May Acoustic Solo (ver 2)  info

+ Tuning: Half-Step Down

[ 6 ] tab
War of Ages Instrumental Acoustic tab pro
  Instrumental Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: novice
  Instrumental Acoustic Solo (ver 2)  info
+ Difficulty: novice
Miles Kane Colour Of The Trap Acoustic tab pro
  Colour Of The Trap Acoustic Solo tab
John Mayer Slow Dancing In A Burning Room Acoustic tab pro
  Slow Dancing In A Burning Room Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: novice
[ 3 ] tab
Slipknot Snuff Acoustic tab pro
  Snuff Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: novice
[ 45 ] chords
  Snuff Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: novice
ukulele chords
Alice in Chains Nutshell Acoustic tab pro
  Nutshell Acoustic Solo tab
America Horse With No Name Acoustic tab pro
  Horse With No Name Acoustic Solo [ 15 ] tab
Big Bang Haru Haru Acoustic [ 1 ] tab pro
  Haru Haru Acoustic Solo guitar pro
Bullet for My Valentine Tears Dont Fall Acoustic tab pro
  Tears Dont Fall Acoustic Solo [ 12 ] tab
  Tears Dont Fall Acoustic Solo (ver 2) [ 6 ] tab
Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds Listen Up Acoustic tab pro
  Listen Up Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: novice
Radiohead I Might Be Wrong Acoustic tab pro
  I Might Be Wrong Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: intermediate

+ Tuning: Drop D

[ 11 ] tab
Trivium Built To Fall Acoustic tab pro
  Built To Fall Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: intermediate

+ Tuning: Drop C#

[ 3 ] tab
You Me At Six Loveboy Acoustic tab pro
  Loveboy Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: intermediate

+ Tuning: Drop D

Billy Idol Rebel Yell Acoustic tab pro
  Rebel Yell Acoustic Solo tab
Dragon Ash Under Ages Song Acoustic tab pro
  Under Ages Song Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: novice
DragonForce Seasons Acoustic tab pro
  Seasons Acoustic Solo [ 4 ] tab
Firehouse Love Of A Lifetime Acoustic tab pro
  Love Of A Lifetime Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: intermediate
Frankie J Dont Wanna Try Acoustic tab pro
  Dont Wanna Try Acoustic Solo tab
Harem Scarem Honestly Acoustic tab pro
  Honestly Acoustic Solo tab
Imagine Dragons Demons Acoustic Live tab pro
  Demons Acoustic Live Solo  info
+ Difficulty: novice

+ Tuning: Drop D

Incubus A Certain Shade Of Green Acoustic tab pro
  A Certain Shade Of Green Acoustic Solo [ 4 ] tab
  A Certain Shade Of Green Acoustic Solo (ver 2) tab
John Mayer In Repair Acoustic tab pro
  In Repair Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: intermediate
[ 9 ] tab
  Neon Acoustic Solo [ 17 ] tab
Kenny Chesney Never Wanted Nothing More Acoustic tab pro
  Never Wanted Nothing More Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: intermediate
Oasis Live Forever Acoustic tab pro
  Live Forever Acoustic Solo [ 7 ] tab
Opeth Burden Acoustic [ 6 ] tab pro
  Burden Acoustic Solo tab
  Burden Acoustic Solo [ 6 ] power tab
The Cure Just Like Heaven Acoustic tab pro
  Just Like Heaven Acoustic Solo [ 13 ] tab
The Strokes Last Night Acoustic tab pro
  Last Night Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: intermediate
You Me At Six Loverboy Acoustic tab pro
  Loverboy Acoustic Solo tab
10 Years Shelter Acoustic tab pro
  Shelter Acoustic Solo tab
Adele Make You Feel My Love Acoustic tab pro
  Make You Feel My Love Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: novice
Alesana Seduction Acoustic [ 1 ] tab pro
  Seduction Acoustic Solo guitar pro
Anarchy Club Collide Acoustic tab pro
  Collide Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: novice
Angels & Airwaves Sirens Acoustic tab pro
  Sirens Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: novice
Arch Enemy Cosmic Retribution Acoustic tab pro
  Cosmic Retribution Acoustic Solo tab
Athlete Rubiks Cube Acoustic tab pro
  Rubiks Cube Acoustic Solo  info
+ Difficulty: novice
Avenged Sevenfold Seize The Day Acoustic tab pro
  Seize The Day Acoustic Solo [ 8 ] tab
Ayreon Day Six Childhood Acoustic tab pro
  Day Six Childhood Acoustic Solo tab
Bad Religion Sorrrow Acoustic tab pro
  Sorrrow Acoustic Solo tab
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