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January 20 2011, 05:35 pm by angela428 |
amazing chords.. absolutely perfect. i've been waiting for some jessie j tabs to be posted on here, she is so amazing. can you please post some more of her music on here??
January 21 2011, 02:06 am by rubyrod7 |
great tab and easy also, for those having trouble with the Bb to make a bit easier, i slap a capo on the 2nd fret and play G Am F and C instead of F Am Dm Bb respectively
+2   February 1 2011, 02:40 pm by stringin'steve |
If you can play a F-barred, you can play a Bb-barred.

And, I mean, I guess that chord progression works when you capo 2nd fret, but it changes the tune of the song.
+1   February 2 2011, 11:12 am by biddlecombe123 |
When she performed it live on Jools Holland the F Barre chord was a 8th fret one on the A string, And then play the rest as the standard barre chords you'd expect with Dm on the 5th fret of the A string.
February 15 2011, 03:42 pm by GuitarDaveD |
Not really relevent to the tab but the lyrics are wrong.

It's "We just wanna make the world [u]dance[/u]
February 20 2011, 12:02 am by Henry_c_W |
Please check out my 6th version =)
February 23 2011, 08:34 am by biddlecombe123 |
Yeah probably, I just posted the chords because I liked the song when I heard it in November on Jools Holland. Some aspects of the song have changed since her breakthrough.
-1   March 1 2011, 09:34 am by 2 Dollar |
chords are spot on....bit lazy though not placing the chords above the lyrics for the chord changes
March 17 2011, 03:09 am by trevmusicxpert |
it's definitely C and not Am

so the progression should be

F, C, Dm, B flat
March 21 2011, 07:44 pm by biddlecombe123 |
I think it alternates between C and Am. As for me being lazy, I heard this song early in November and thought it'd be nice to lay down the foundations for someone to build upon. After all the song's changed a great deal since her last year.
I think it sounds best Acoustic but all sorts can be done to make it different. You shouldn't need to have the chords above the lyrics, there's only 4. Personally I don't think avoiding that effort makes me lazy especially when it's not necessary.
April 11 2011, 10:25 am by Cpo |
If you do Bb as an open chord on the sixth fret (Like an open F on the sixth) Then I think it sounds quite cool if like in the middle of that chord you put your pinkie on the 8th fret of the 1st string, so it makes it go like high in the middle of the chord :D Not sure what its called though xD
+1   May 14 2011, 03:24 am by 6anzay |
F A7 Dm Bb
+1   July 7 2011, 02:30 am by elishafrancesca |
I place capo on the 7th fret and play G, D, Em, C

Also depends how you strum ;)
August 28 2011, 02:20 am by frzsk |
just do barre chords and it'll be perfect
February 18 2012, 04:53 am by Andy Jarvis |
The chords are correct, it's the lyrics that are slighty wrong:

In the first verse it's 'Sale comes first' not 'tale comes first' and as others have mentioned it's 'wanna make the world dance' not 'wanna make the world change'
March 16 2013, 10:50 am by catking99 |
Yeah, honestly, if you're going to go through the trouble of putting up a tab, at least put the chords above.
October 5 2013, 01:12 am by cdmosser |
Check out my cover of this song!
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