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+57   November 3 2011, 11:03 am by bibbishin |
Good JOb! I recently discovered this band and I fll in love.
-209   December 12 2011, 03:16 pm by DiscomfortSitty |
-46   December 15 2011, 04:46 pm by sauce3696 |
Capo isnt really necessary. You can just play it with all normal barre chords half a step up.
+5   December 18 2011, 08:23 pm by Theavsfan |
Absolutely. If you would prefer to play it that way, I would recommend transposing to "Up 1 Half Step".

I transcribed it with a capo on the first fret because Nanna and Raggi both play it this way live, as can be seen in the KEXP performance I posted earlier.
+9   February 21 2012, 03:57 pm by butlerc777 |
Holy cow I LOVE this song!
+1   April 4 2012, 11:46 pm by darkazntank |
Great job!

However, verse 2
"Some days I think that I'm wrong when I'm right"
should be
"Some days I feel like I'm wrong when I am right"

Thank you!
April 5 2012, 08:11 am by Theavsfan |
You are correct. I've changed it and the tab should be updated within the next 48 hours or so.
April 18 2012, 12:18 pm by IkeForPresident |
What is the strumming pattern.? :) Or is there an easy way to figure that our? I always struggle with it...
+2   April 19 2012, 12:51 pm by Theavsfan |
Well, all of the verses are just single strums of each chord. The chorus is a little faster, but still a pretty simple strumming pattern.

I would recommend watching the live video posted above and trying to play along. Nanna and Raggi have the focus for the majority of the video, so it shouldn't be too difficult to see how they're strumming.
+4   April 20 2012, 11:29 am by IkeForPresident |
In the second verse on the 5th line it should be:

Some days I don't know if I am wrong or right

April 20 2012, 03:21 pm by Theavsfan |
You are correct. It's been updated. Thanks!
+1   June 17 2012, 10:36 pm by surealsim |
I think it should be (but am not sure):

Am F C
I don't like walking around this old and empty house
Am F C
So hold my hand, I'll walk with you my dear
Am F C
The stairs creak as I sleep, it's keeping me awake
Am F C
It's the house telling you to close your eyes
Am F C
Some days I can't even trust myself
Am F C
It's killing me to see you this way


Am F C G
Don't listen to a word I say. Hey!
Am F C G
The screams all sound the same. Hey!

however I got this from listening to the song from their american release not watching the video, so it may be wrong/different...
July 1 2012, 09:34 pm by Musiclover49 |
I believe (and this is a just a small, unnecessary thing) that instead of the F chord, it is Fm7 (x03210), and G7 (320001) instead of G throughout the whole song. In the video, it sounds more accurate, and from what you can see of the fingering, it also looks correct. Although it sounds good either way. Thanks!
+2   July 2 2012, 12:25 pm by Musiclover49 |
Sorry, I just realized I was concentrating on how Nanna was playing. :) Raggi uses regular G.
+1   August 20 2012, 12:16 pm by CamelToeJoe |
As for the lyric corrections....there are two versions.
One version for the Icelandic release and I suppose they tweeked the lyrics for the UK and US release.

Thanks for the tab!
September 16 2012, 11:43 am by P.B |
I loved this song the first time I heard and I can't wait for more of their songs to "get out there" .
P.S It doesn't really matter if the chords are in the wrong place, you can just play them in the right place yourself!!!
September 16 2012, 07:49 pm by Theavsfan |
Hi guys. Thanks for the correction. I've updated the positioning of the Am chords in the first and second verse.
-2   October 22 2012, 05:55 am by kayko |
I'm pretty sure that they're playing F as xx321x both of them and Nanna and the guy behind the bass player uses G7 (320001) or it's just muting high strings.
October 26 2012, 06:44 am by synyster_A7X |
Instead of playing F 133211. play x3321x
-9   November 12 2012, 03:47 pm by acewos |
Sorry boyz but the right sequence is C# G# Bbmin F#
+2   December 25 2012, 07:53 pm by xyzhi |
BRavo mate. love this song !!
-3   January 19 2013, 05:08 am by aviale |
Shouldn't it be in Bb minor instead?
January 21 2013, 01:58 pm by FloraEnright |
Love this song this helped me and my sisters work it out on the piano, guitar, ukelele and flute. Thank you :)
February 1 2013, 06:03 am by ashleeey |
best song everrrrrrrr
February 4 2013, 03:11 pm by mugzeegurl |
def the best version!!
+2   February 14 2013, 07:33 pm by mugzeegurl |
man I am so obsessed with this song!!!! very great indeed
+26   February 23 2013, 11:07 am by Clyph777 |
well if this is gay i dont want to be straight
-5   March 4 2013, 01:26 am by aviale |
This cliched chord progression should be banned from music these days.
March 6 2013, 11:01 pm by snowfire694 |
ya If we can do bar cords, we could just not use a capo.
+3   March 7 2013, 06:07 pm by cassididdy1 |
perfect. 100% for sure dude! :D
March 9 2013, 01:13 am by babovnikova |
Is it right key???
I think it Db
March 14 2013, 06:15 pm by Pickle_Pancake |
What is the strum pattern?
March 24 2013, 06:22 pm by shalom.ajimoko |
For without capo, Bm replaces Am, G replaces F, D replaces C and A replaces G.
March 26 2013, 01:18 pm by Adriatic |
like it was said the guy-singer plays F like this x33210 and G like 320033, and the girl is not playing G7 she is playing regular G (320003) she is holding the high e string with her pink so she is not shifting hand positions.
March 26 2013, 07:40 pm by luis4rod |
Soon it will be over and buried with our past
should be
Soon it will ALL be over and buried with our past

Some days I don't know if I am wrong or right
should be
Some days I feel like I'm wrong when I'm right
-3   March 29 2013, 12:43 pm by retrospectdays |
Could someone post an edited version? There are too many corrections said out here and it will do us good if someone's gonna do a bigtime correction. And I'm a freaking beginner outta here. Thank you :)
March 29 2013, 04:07 pm by Lukgil |
Awesome band, awesome song, and pretty awesome tab. Thank you very much Theavsfan for sharing this!
April 6 2013, 09:36 am by FANTAZ13 |
Just heard it on the radio for once and I decided to play it.
April 13 2013, 10:58 am by Spadge71 |
Thx for submitting, nice work
+1   April 13 2013, 11:01 am by Spadge71 |
I always play my F's like this, it's lazy but it still sounds ok, but perhaps misses the bass tone.
April 21 2013, 01:08 pm by Lunaraven |
Love it! excellent job!
April 21 2013, 01:16 pm by wk289 |
great job
April 28 2013, 03:47 pm by I Rock 4 God |
Haha, I tabbed this myself by ear and wanted to check how accurate I was, and this is EXACTLY what I got! Easy song…..
May 1 2013, 12:56 pm by mischnic |
perfect Job!
May 6 2013, 07:50 pm by vprism |
great job with the tab.. this song is song is beautiful.
-3   May 6 2013, 11:15 pm by 2ris2 |
Open the window on a hot summer day and whistle the lyrics as you play the song.... best feeling ever!!!!
May 7 2013, 11:26 am by gofortyfour |
Great Job!!!!! It sounds great!!
+10   May 12 2013, 06:57 pm by LeOstrich |
If you don't like this song then why did you look it up?
May 14 2013, 12:28 pm by yasminrose369 |
maybe have capo o 2
-3   May 17 2013, 08:46 pm by peopleperson235 |
Capo on the fourth fret sounds better
-3   May 17 2013, 08:47 pm by peopleperson235 |
wrong tab, my baad
-3   May 17 2013, 08:47 pm by peopleperson235 |
wait, nevermind. Its the right one. my computer is just messing with me. Awkward.
May 21 2013, 04:16 pm by vprism |
i like it just fine w/ capo on 1st ~ def. added this tab favs
-2   June 4 2013, 03:16 pm by guitar0428 |
Pretty good job, but your missing a lot of chords in certain parts, to me. i feel like certain parts of the song need chords in an acoustic setting or else it's just dead space if u know wht i mean. Pretty much on every line (or at least most of them) there is a "G" at the end. Also at the bridge, i think tht the Am F C G pattern should still continue, or else it just sound really empty. But overall not bad! I LOVE THIS SONG, AND THE GROUP IS ALSO AMAZING. Them being form Iceland just makes it tht much better, 'cuz I love it when you can hear music from different countries and it be so popular in the US. I just love the diversity!
+8   June 10 2013, 12:42 pm by libsterrrrr |
How is this necessary at all. If you have nothing nice to say then this website would be better off without you.
+3   June 17 2013, 08:27 pm by wfineb |
Dude if your just going to be a perv shut the **** up. seriously. This tab is awesome,
-1   June 21 2013, 10:10 am by ajd5555 |
hey thanks i made a song with the notes called lezbo love it is welll sick
-4   June 21 2013, 10:12 am by ajd5555 |

-4   June 21 2013, 10:13 am by ajd5555 |
June 22 2013, 09:53 pm by imy626 |
Its another 4 chord song. you can play it no capo Em C G D
+24   July 6 2013, 09:35 pm by tigers1535 |
Technically you could say that for any song. You may as well start posting that comment everywhere.

The whole point of a capo is to make it easier.
-1   July 13 2013, 10:42 pm by piecingtogether |
Yes, I play G7, because its faster, but G7 and normal G barely sound different, so I do either one.
+1   July 15 2013, 04:01 pm by Neion |
We don't need to know what you watch in your spare time DiscomfortSitty... Great song though and thanks for posting the chords :)
August 23 2013, 12:33 am by thedude1964 |
WTF!?!?!? What exactly is meant by gay ass Chinese porn?
+1   September 8 2013, 08:49 am by Oscarlane |
awesome, great work :)
+1   September 16 2013, 01:14 pm by jasmine.burns.7 |
September 21 2013, 04:57 am by lakeishamills |
Hi, I was wondering what the strumming pattern was?
October 11 2013, 09:15 pm by Schawana_C |
Does anyone at all have an actual strumming pattern? In terms of the chorus, as it picks up a little faster. Thanks (:
November 25 2013, 07:35 am by stan.wolbers.3 |
Nicely done! 5 stars!
November 25 2013, 07:36 am by stan.wolbers.3 |
Nice, mature
November 25 2013, 07:41 am by stan.wolbers.3 |
There appear to be two versions... I also now the 'Some days I don't know if I am wrong or right' one
+1   December 2 2013, 01:23 pm by bueast |
Barre chords aren't really necessary, you can just use open chords and a capo ;)
January 30 2014, 05:16 pm by daniel.obrien.7 |
THank you so much, really good :)
-2   March 24 2014, 07:34 pm by P_Trik |
You voted my version 7 a one start rating?? Post a reason, dumbass
March 26 2014, 08:03 pm by Theavsfan |
Well, it seems like a pretty blatant copy when I compare the two side-by-side. That's just my opinion, though. Don't let it get you down, brother, it's only the internet.
-2   March 26 2014, 08:12 pm by P_Trik |
I see you updated your version two days ago. You found mine and fixed your mistakes?? Seems pretty obvious considering now yours is a copy of mine and you pulled the dick move of rating mine as poor after the fact. Makes you feel better? I'll get the rating removed
+1   March 26 2014, 08:27 pm by Theavsfan |
Well, that's a lie. I'm one-hundred percent confident that if an admin looked at this tab's revision history, they would refute your claim, but best of luck with that.
-3   March 26 2014, 08:33 pm by P_Trik |
Whether it's the case or not, you're still the dumbass who voted down a TAB out of pettiness, not me
+1   March 26 2014, 08:40 pm by Theavsfan |
Well, no. If that is the case, then I'm still the dumbass that voted down a TAB that plagiarized my work.

Anyways, arguing in the comment section just makes us both look bad. Like I said, it's just the internet, don't let it get you down.
-2   March 26 2014, 09:12 pm by P_Trik |
Plagiarized?! Oh no!! One of us should report this crime to the publisher. Look, dumbass, your TAB wasn't right or I would have used it wayyyy back before I submitted mine and the TAB mods wouldn't have accepted mine if it was a duplicate. Grow up, little man.
-1   April 17 2014, 10:26 pm by finn rees |

EPIC awsome
July 6 2014, 12:34 pm by lschafferwood |
I play this song with a Fadd9 instead of the F, which I think suits the eery feel of the song, but that is just my personal preference.
July 6 2014, 12:39 pm by lschafferwood |
You single strum for each chord of the verses, then in the chorus you can either pluck the 6th string and strum, or do a strmming pattern of: Strum Down,Down,Up,Up,Down,Up
July 6 2014, 12:42 pm by lschafferwood |
You single strum for each chord of the verses, then in the chorus you can either pluck the 6th string and strum, or do a strumming pattern of: Strum Down,Down,Up,Up,Down,Up. Just try and strum along with the best of the song.
March 18 2015, 05:15 am by KingTroll98 |
Or you could just use your musicality to make it up.
April 3 2015, 03:00 pm by neilshweky |
Isn't verse 3 just the bridge?
April 20 2015, 04:25 pm by zamo1799 |
Do you know the strumming pattern?
May 30 2015, 07:40 am by Aharro__123 |
-1   June 6 2015, 03:27 am by majella2003 |
Without capo Am is Em, F is C, C is G.

Just a suggestion.
June 26 2015, 08:21 pm by izzyb3 |
i love this song soooo much i absolutely
June 28 2015, 07:11 pm by izzyb3 |
i love this band it is the best i am sooooo happy there are tabs for this song well done
July 17 2015, 12:29 pm by abrahamachita10 |
le agradesco a diana por enseñarme la pagina jajajajajaja okno
July 24 2015, 04:30 pm by daptancredi |
August 12 2015, 09:39 pm by zcking |
Awesome tab. Plays great right along with the song. The only thing I thought *sounded* better was on the lines:
"This ship will carry"
"Our bodies safe to shore"
is that I liked it better when you play the G (on 'carry') on 'Our' instead. To me is sounds rushed when played on the 'carry'
Great tab though!
October 2 2015, 05:21 pm by Amundsenkalmah |
At 4:15 you see nana go from C to C7M i think?
December 2 2015, 03:49 am by tazzdawg |
Awesome tab!!!!
December 7 2015, 03:39 pm by joellmatteson |
im joel
i like to dance
December 11 2015, 08:09 pm by shandria.vaughn |
I really like this tab and I made my own little changes to it... instead of Am I play Am7 (002010) and instead of F I play a Dm7 (100211).... not a huge difference in sound but I like singing over these more and rolling over to a Dm7 is easier for me... kinda feel that's just the way it is with this song... you can drop in 7's to taste and it'll match for the most part.... just my 2 cents
-2   December 26 2015, 04:45 pm by slbatch |
G chord missing from end of each line sounds terrible when you play along with the tune
January 25 2016, 08:10 am by l.katarya |
rythm pattern is one strum for the verses and DD UDU fast for the chorus
February 15 2016, 09:26 pm by alpb |
Awesome tabs thanks! I started to feel like all F's are actually Fmaj7. Can anyone confirm?
June 1 2016, 09:26 pm by jaheinzman |
I used to play this with just a regular F instead of Fmaj7 and it sounds good as well
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