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July 28 2014, 12:07 pm by floghkz |
Lack of accuracy. Clearly wrong.
December 17 2015, 11:52 pm by willyJay |
1st Verse: It's "Straw for the DONKEYS", not "tinkers"
2nd verse: It's "Food for the VICARS", what's this guy's thing for "Tinkers"?
On the bridge: Left out the line "And buses might skid on black ice"
Throughout: "And all the world it football shaped, it's just for me to KICK ITS FACE", not "in space"
March 1 2016, 05:25 pm by ThatSerbDude |
I thought it was 'church bells softly chime'?
July 22 2016, 03:05 pm by dpaudiophile |
the tab is incomplete. it does not include the part when the song changes keys, or the bridge before that part.
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