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+1   October 31 2011, 06:45 pm by entspeak |
In listening to this and watching the video, the chord shape that you show as "D" is the same throughout, it is always the 3-2 chord shape that you have in "D*"

And to make it clearer in terms of verse/chorus/break structure, I would show the song breakdown as this:

2A 2C 2E 4C (intro)

Verse 1 ("Where do we go from here..."):
2A 2C 2E 4C | 2A 2C 2E 4C | 2A 2C 2E 4C | 1A 1B 1C 1D* 2E 4C

Chorus ("Because, because..."):
2E 2A 2B 2C | 2E 2A 2C 2D* (Chorus)

2E 1C 1D* |1E 1E* 1C 1D* | 1E 1E* 1C 1D* | 4E

Verse 2 ("Who do we trust from here..."):
1A 1B 2C 2E 4C | 2A 2C 2E 4C | 2A 2C 2E 4C | 1A 1B 1C 1D* 2E 4C (verse 2)



Verse 3 ("Where do we go from here..."): same as Verse 1


Break to Outro:

2E 1C 1D* | 1E 1E* 1C 1D | 1E 1E* 1C 1D* | 1E 1E* 1C 1E | 1C 1E 1C 1E | 1C

Great job picking this out, though! Fantastic work!
+1   November 2 2011, 10:19 pm by tyler_182 |
On your A rift, the 9 is suspose to be a 7
November 29 2011, 06:37 pm by Kroach |
You're both right!
November 29 2011, 06:45 pm by Kroach |
still not sure about the D/D* thing after second thought haha
September 9 2015, 09:48 am by vns24847 |
Lack of formatting. Lack of accuracy. Clearly wrong. write the tabs that need to be played per words,and there are also many mistakes if you watch live versions
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