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December 17 2011, 07:15 am by SuPeRPuLsE |
It sound better with capo on 5th fret IMO
+3   December 17 2011, 07:27 am by SuPeRPuLsE |
Ignore my last comment, I was in a different tuning.
-6   January 8 2012, 03:32 am by futureLlama |
What the **** man? You musically retarded piece of shit. Sorry, I guess, but with all seriousness people who don't know how to interpret music shouldn't tab songs. This is totally off key. @everyone else: Go look at the other version by Paul_Foos. That is the correct version.
+2   January 8 2012, 03:35 am by futureLlama |
Holy socks my bad I didn't notice you said capo on the fourth fret. I feel dumb. This tab is correct. I decided to take my anger out on someone who tabbed a song right instead of the thousands of other amateur tab writers out there.
March 8 2013, 04:36 pm by rjpeter2 |
futureLlama, capo on the 4th fret. it's in the same key as the other version. try not to be so rowdy.
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